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Jun 14, 2012 06:13 PM

Need 3 Recs: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

We won't have transportation so it all has to be in the metro area. I need the best recommendations for each meal and price is no object. Nothing is off limits. If you could spend one day (which we are going to) doing the best of the best, what would they be and why?

Side note: I used to go to Toronto all the time, living in Western P.A., but haven't been back in years, so I've lost touch with the scene.

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  1. what hotel are you staying at and what non-eating activities are you doing? This will help with the 'flow' of your day...

    1. I have no idea who serves "the best of the best" for breakfast, if you're looking for something deluxe. I'd guess a weekday breakfast at the King Eddy, Royal York, Hazelton Hotel or Ritz Carlton would be a good splurge breakfast. The Drake Hotel (15-20 minute streetcar ride west of downtown) serves a good breakfast, that's less of a splurge than the 4 star hotels, but more interesting than most weekday breakfasts at greasy spoons around town. Most of my favourite weekday breakfasts are found at greasy spoons or funky hole-in-the-walls, with service that might be hit-or-miss, and I'd hesitate to label any as "the best of the best". Many of the best breakfast/brunch dishes are only available on weekends in Toronto, and often brunch doesn't open until 10 or 11 am.

      If I was to spend a day doing "my best of the best", I'd probably have a cappuccino for breakfast (maybe at Patisserie Sebastien, Patachou, Caffe Doria or Terroni's Bar Centrale, which also serve pastries), dim sum for lunch at Lai Wah Heen around 11:30 am, and Scaramouche, Campagnolo, Tabule, The Black Hoof or Starfish for dinner, depending on my mood.

      1. Weekday or weekend? Breakfast and lunch options really turn on their heads on the weekends.

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          This is true. And a lot of places are closed Mondays.

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            Sorry for the delay in response. Thank you for the ideas so far.

            We would be up there for one 24-hour period, arriving late Tuesday morning and leaving on Wednesday, late-morning again. We could do a cab or streetcar slightly out of the downtown area, but only if the recommendation is a "must do" or "can't miss." The breakfast would be on Wednesday morning, the lunch and dinner on the Tuesday. Also, if anyone has a sure-thing rec for a bar, drinks, cocktails, please lay it on me.