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Jun 14, 2012 05:28 PM

Mr. Swank's fastidious-food cousin is coming to town, and she has demands...Help!

Mr. Swank's cousin is coming to stay with us for two weeks (a long story involving in an internship). She's 22 and fancies herself a "foodie." Anyway, we'd like to take her out to a few memorable meals...She wants high-end Southern and high-end Greek. I'm stumped on both. Any ideas, Hounds? My Greek go-to is Greek Corner, which isn't so haute. And high-end Southern, well -- I'm thinking Hungry Mother, but I'd entertain other options. Thanks!

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  1. Maybe Tupelo as well for Southern?

    Is there a reason she specifically wants high end? And by that does she mean fancy? Or just very good? It might be worth trying to show her that super tasty food doesn't have to be fancy and expensive...

    1. Where is she coming from? I would tell her those aren't strengths of the area at the high end and take her to some of your favorites.

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          I agree. Why would someone want "southern" food in Boston?

          Take her to Strip T's for the fried chicken!

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            Amusing requests from a 22 year's your chance to graciously show her how to look for the best a city has to offer, rather than trying to find good chow in a genre that doesn't exist here.

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              This, times a hundred.

              If she is insistent and a "foodie", she should research and find these places on her own.

          2. A 22-year old who wants high end? Don't give into this. She is lucky to be getting any food, at your expense.

            I think Desfina or Greek Corner are your choices for Greek. Not even close to high end. Hungry Mother seems like your best choice for Southern, if she means that part of the South.

            If you want to offer her several exceptional meals, I would take her where you think you can get exceptional meals regardless of cuisine.

            1. My default for visitors is to take them to MY favorites. Last visitors from Austin were blown away by thmor dat. Never would have requested Cambodian food but can't stop mentioning it. Of course if they have a hankering for something try to accommodate but in the end I think my guests have always just appreciated good food regardless of expectations. I think I'm lucky.

              1. In my experience, when visiting somewhere new, anything can be interpreted as "high end" if it's a great meal everyone enjoys. What about Sweet Cheeks? It's got the celebrity-chef thing going on.

                I'm baffled by high-end Greek. Maybe someplace unique like Pasha?

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                  Would Kouzina qualify as high-end Greek?