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Jun 14, 2012 05:06 PM

Cioccolata Di Vino: Updated Review?

I was thinking of going to Cioccolata Di Vino tonight and was wondering if anyone had been lately? The only reviews I could find on CH were from 2009. Thanks!

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  1. Please report back if you go! I think a lot of 'hounds had lukewarm experiences and just kind of gave up on the place. But it would be good to know if it's worth putting back on the radar...

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      We did go, on a Thursday night at around 8. We were a party of 3 and there were 2 other tables filled. It's a very sweet setting, with a main seating area and an alcove that's more private. My friend and I (we were waiting for our third) were happy to be seated in the alcove, but then for some reason the hostess seated the next group right next to us (even though the place was virtually empty). That was a bit of a bummer. We each ordered a drink & a dessert. As a non-dairy person, there were 2 choices -- sorbet & amaretti. I chose the latter, along with a glass of Madeira. The cookies were really nice, if simple. I was psyched to have ANY choices at all, so to have 2 seemed like a real treat. I'm not sure how big a glass of Madeira should be, but this pour seemed small to me. One friend ordered a chocolate/almond torte, which she liked a lot. Her glass of red wine was very generous. The other friend ordered the risotto pudding and hot chocolate. The waitress warned her that they were out of the brandied figs that usually top the pudding, but she ordered it anyway. She didn't like it very much -- she left half of it behind. Our bill was $50 (with tip). But we were there for nearly 3 hours. I think I'd go back, if for no other reason than it's rare to have a quiet place to hang out and actually hear the people you are trying to talk to -- and finding a decent non-dairy dessert is a very nice change!

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        Funny to see this tonight. We were strolling down Shattuck this afternoon and peeked in for a glass of wine. A lovely setting. We only had wine,sitting at the bar, but it was a comfortable space, and the smell coming from the kitchen was really appetizing. I'd definitely go back to try their lunch menu, and wouldn't hesitate to go back for a drink and a snack - perhaps a full meal, as the setting and service was so nice.