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Jun 14, 2012 05:04 PM

Garden State Parkway

Driving to Atlantic City from Boston...looking for good place to stop off the Garden State Pkwy...deli or BBQ ?

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    1. If you want to stop in Newark....there's Dinosaur BBQ and Hobby's Delicatessen. From there, you can continue down the NJ Turnpike and get back onto the GSP.

      1. Jamison's (off of Exit 100B??? Ocean Grove/Rte. 66) for pretty good Soul Food place that I've patronized for years (the ribs & chicken are excellent; sides are even better) and it's an easy drive off of the GSP for someone not knowing the area.

        2.5 miles down Rte 66 East to Asbury Park circle, and then it's a frisbee throw south of the circle.

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          Jamison's has excellent chicken, but I suspect they boil their ribs... :-p A couple miles further south on Rt. 35 is Local Smoke BBQ...

          1. re: equal_Mark

            IMO the best thing to get at Jameson's is their Oxtail. Try it next time if you haven't!

        2. Mark, I was trying to keep it simple for them as the writer is from Boston and they may never get out of Jersey alive (just kidding hobie). But if they're willing to bite and book off of the GSP they'll be duly rewarded with good chow (Smoke is excellent), and it's but 2 miles south of my directions for Jamison's.

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          1. re: JustJake

            you can get a real good sandwich at the german butcher on rt 9 in toms river.
            great place. legitimate german butcher shop with a bunch of small tables if you want to sit down and eat. place is always packed with locals buying all theyre home made meats..
            around 4 miles off exit 74.

            1. re: Welcoboy

              welcoboy -- fyi, if you're referring to the D. A. Barsch german butcher on Rt 9 in Toms River, that place closed last year.

              However, if you're referring to a butcher near GSP exit 74 - which is Forked River, not Toms River - then you may need to provide additional details on the name and location.

              1. re: njfreqflyer

                "D. A. Barsch german butcher on Rt 9 in Toms River, that place closed last year."

                Very sad news.