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Jun 14, 2012 04:34 PM

Chowhound Digest has a new name: Best of Chowhound

We've been making some gradual changes to the Digest, and this name change is the next step in that process. Best of Chowhound posts (just like Digest posts before it) highlight great content from some of our most popular Chowhound boards. I encourage those who haven't looked in a while to check it out, and if you've never read these posts before, now is a great time to start. Here are some recent changes:

1) Each Best of Chowhound Blog (New York City, Boston, Los Angeles Area, San Francisco Bay Area, Home Cooking, and General Topics) now has 5 posts per week. Instead of publishing them all at once, the posts are distributed over the course of the week, so if you've subscribed to the RSS feed or have bookmarked the page, you can check back every day to read new content.

2) Best of Chowhound posts now contain photographs. We love it when users post great photos along with their restaurant reviews or recipe ideas, and some of the best photos may get featured on Best of Chowhound. We're hoping that this Best of Chowhound blog will be even more engaging, thanks to the great writing and photos.

3) There's no longer an "Overheard" section like there was in the Digest, but you still might see Chowhound users being quoted within posts. There's no lack of love for great writing or great tips.

4) It's easy to get to Best of Chowhound via the new Blogs drop down, accessible from anywhere on CHOW.

Here are links to the various Best of Chowhound Pages:

Best of Chowhound (includes all 6 blogs):
Best of Chowhound Home Cooking:
Best of Chowhound General Topics:
Best of Chowhound Los Angeles Area:
Best of Chowhound San Francisco Bay Area:
Best of Chowhound New York City:
Best of Chowhound Boston:

You can subscribe to an RSS feed for any of these pages, or if you're a registered user, you can subscribe to the respective email newsletters via the Settings section of your Profile page.

Dave MP

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  1. Really disappointed in the disappearance of the "Overheard" section. For those of us who have been around for a long time and recognize the handles, it was a shortcut to some good info, even if you didn't think you were interested in the topic being discussed. I find myself clicking through far less often than I used to. I have a sneaking suspicion that in this case more isn't going to be better. Jury out, of course. But I really used to look forward to reading the Home Cooking Digest every Friday. I suspect that if it appears more often, I'll read it less often.

    1. I like the idea of more frequent posts!

      I would love to see "the best of" expanded. A "best of Europe" and a "best of the rest" with two sections for the USA, East and West.

      Often a place I learn of in another area becomes a motivating factor in vacation planning. A "best of" which covers many of the quieter boards could be helpful all around. Re: a best of Europe would be a time saver - too many boards, too little time!

      Slightly off topic, but I appreciate the increased communication about changes. Many of them seem designed to address past critiques. It feel like you are able to bridge the gap between user and developer nicely. Thanks Dave MP! And thanks to the others who are working behind the scenes.

      1. A new Boston hound here, and still feeling my way around this site.

        How are the digest's contents selected? What is the definition of "best", and who make(s) the selections?

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        1. re: eatntell

          The Best of Chowhound (formerly Digest) aims to highlight great posts from the respective Chowhound boards. There's no set definition of "best"—it could be a great tip, quote, photo, discussion of a new restaurant, discussion of where to find the best ____, discussion of an old favorite, etc.

          Editors choose what to include, and pick a range of topics to highlight all of the fantastic discussions that happen on the Chowhound boards each week.