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Jun 14, 2012 04:31 PM

Pizzeria for dinner in the center of Rome?

I'm afraid I may not be able to visit La Gatta Mangiona (sadly) since it's a bit far given the amount of time I have in Rome... might anyone have other pizza reccos in the center? Da Remo in testaccio is probably too far as well.. I'm thinking Da Baffetto may be a good option.. Would be for a Saturday night.

Then, for Sunday, Paris for lunch and Settimio Al Pellegrino for dinner.. My other option would be to not do a pizzeria and visit l'arcangelo or la campana instead..

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  1. We had a good pizza dinner a couple of years ago at Il Pollarolo kind of near the Spanish Steps. i am thinking about returning with the girls this year for our Sunday night dinner. I am also interested in any other pizzeria recs you get!

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      Is Il Pollarolo an actual pizzaria or a more traditional restaurant? Did you need reservations?

      1. re: Quattrociocchi

        I can't remember. There were other things on the menu, because had an appetizer and split a couple of salads before we had pizza. But it seems most of the tables around us had pizza (but it was 3 years ago so my memory is foggy).

    2. I don't think it's worth waiting on line for Baffetto to sit with a bunch of other tourists. For a great Roman pizza experience head across the Tiber (10 min on the #8 tram from Largo Argentina) to Pizzeria Panattoni (also called Ai Marmi).

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        I recently went there for the first time in many years (since the Cinema Pasquino closed). Fortunately we got there before 8. By the time we left, there was a line down the block. The pizza was good enough, but would not have been worth the wait.

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          interesting.. on both elizabeth and katie's app.. most if not all of the pizzeria's are in the outskirts.. Monteverde (La Gatta Mangiona), testaccio (not too far but already going once in a short time), Portuense, Tuscolana (sforno), and Nomentana (Tonda).. too bad nothing in the center. I'm on the fence about venturing out for dinner at one of these pizzerias, or just doing cucina romana type food in the center.. for me, i only have a day and a half .. probably worth it if you're in town for several days though.

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            Monteverde, Portuense, and Nomentana are not the outskirts of the city. It takes 15 min to get to La Gatta from Largo Argentina on the tram. From Termini, Tonda is a 20 min bus ride. Even sfrono is only 25 min on the metro from temini and it is the only location mentioned that is even close to being the periphery.


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              true not really the outskirts, but not walking distance from the Veneto which is where I'll be staying on the second half of the trip. I suppose 15 min tram ride from Largo Argentina isn't so bad.. just need to think about if it's worth it only having 1.5 days before flying back to NYC. I made a reso at L'Arcangelo as a back up

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                Has anyone on the board been to Ricci - Est Est Est

                Or La Vecchia Conca?

                In fact there are neighborhood pizzerie all over rome as you must remember - I think folks are trying to recommend their favorites, either best or most interesting - but that doesnt mean that you cant get a perfectly tasty Roman pizza in any number of places.

                1. re: jen kalb

                  Right, Jen. Gatta Mangiona and Sforno are new places (designer pizzas), while it is much more normal to have your pizza near your house, wherever that is.

                  Ricci is very old-style (the setting) and the pizza neither Roman thin nor Neapolitan yeasty. It's a bit doughy and some people love it, some not. The place gets very crowded, but they will take reservations.

                  1. re: mbfant

                    Do you and Elizabeth both mean NEW in terms of style? Because La Gatta opened more than 10 years ago and Sforno at least 4 if I remember well.
                    In the city hearth Li Rioni in my opinion is ok. Roman style pizza, located near Colosseum.


      2. Hi Jessica,
        Actually I do mention a couple of pizza places that are in the center in my app. One is Leoncino, right off Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina. It's been there forever, and their specialty is an insanely good Bean, Onion and Sausage combo. Another good pizzeria is Le Carette in Monti, on Via Madonna dei Monti. This is really a neighborhood place and while it's large, I'd suggest getting there early so you can grab a table outside, in the way back.

        But yes, the other new pizza places that both Katie and I and others love are definitely out of the center. While it may be worth the effort to make it there if your main aim is getting the very very best pizza in town, sometimes you want something that also is about having a wonderful walk through the center of Rome. Instead of taking a 15 minute bus or tram ride. In fact, most Romans, when asked what their favorite pizza place is, will definitely tell you the one in their own neighborhood.

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          This is true. well, l'arcangelo is closed on sunday so i was thinking of going saturday.. and settimio on sunday maybe for lunch.. do you know if leoncino, le carette, etc are open sunday nights? I can always call and see the day of.

          1. re: jessicablock

            Yes, both pizzerias are open on Sunday nights. Sunday is traditionally a night that Romans go out for pizza. In fact, it's the one night you actually see other restaurant owners, (whose own restaurants are closed) going out for pizza.