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Jun 14, 2012 03:29 PM

Alligator ideas?

My husband has become quite the fan of Swamp People, and since a local meat market here on Long Island has started carrying alligator meat, I'd love to know what to do beyond fried tidbits as appetizers. I'm thinking Fourth of July, just the two of us, and lots of gator meat. Something like a Cajun stew, or BBQed something or other?

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  1. Neighbors of mine did an "alligator piquant" dish. I don't have the recipe, but they essentially used a traditional cajun piquant and used alligator meat. It was quite good served with rice.

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      Thanks, I wasn't even aware of this sauce but it sounds right up our alley. I googled and first one that came up was Emeril, guess it can't be too bad!

    2. My go to recipe for tail meat is to fry ~~ For leg and other meat....Sauce Piquant, or a Stew slowly braised in a dark roux gravy.


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        Thanks for the reinforcement, and reminder that I have to find out tail or leg?