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Jun 14, 2012 02:38 PM

Vancouver and Victoria: Best Retail sources for high quality fish, meat and produce

and your suggestions for the best farmers markets in the region

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  1. Best meat: The Honest Butcher on W Broadway at about Trutch. Pricey but he does whole animal butchery - visits the farms, all beef is grassed, etc - and it's *excellent*. You can check his Twitter feed for photos & things that he's got in (@honestbutcher).

    1. Fish: Steveston docks( Richmond) are generally pretty good for quality/price..fresher/higher prices on Sat AM, selling off the 2 day older stuff on Sundays for less.
      Blue tarps are typically fish (often "boat frozen" though, depending on the season), orange for shrimp.
      Get there early, as parking is becoming a nightmare.

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        In the past fish boats by the Go Fish location near Granville Island have provided some nice fish but haven,t bought there recently so others may be able to confirm that it is still a good option Columbus Meats in east van is a good quality Italian butcher

      2. Most top restaurants source their seafood from Organic Ocean - you can buy off the boat around 1pm or so every day, from Granville Island.

        Also there's the Daily Catch, which is a retail shop on Commercial Drive

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          My 2c on Victoria:
          - FAS seafood
          - The Fish Store (fisherman's whart, good for eating too)
          - Orr & Sons butcher (3 locations)
          - Village Butcher on Oak Bay Ave
          - attached to the above, The Whole Beast for cured meats etc
          - Slaters Meats on Cadboro Bay Rd
          - Red Barn Market (pepperoni, bison pep, also carry local meats if you can't make it directly to a butcher)
          - Rootceller Quadra/McKenzie (one stop shopping, unless you want to farm tour it).

        2. I like Seven Seas on Fourth in Vancouver for sea creatures.