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Jun 14, 2012 02:30 PM

Post-Floating Dinner Recs? Steelville/Cuba, MO area

Doing a one-day float in the Steelville, MO at the end of June. Any Chowhounders out there have some good local recommendations? We'll take anything -- BBQ, bar food, roadside stands. We'll be yucky from the river - so nothing we'd have to clean up for (beyond putting on dry clothes).

We'll be heading home to St. Louis via 44 -- but if there is a good place to eat going a different way - we're up for that too.

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  1. This is in Cuba-Good fried chicken on the buffet, but veggies were mixed-I might order from the menu next time.

    Missouri Hick BBQ gets mixed reviews but every time we go there it is packed so we could get in..

    In St. Clair, there is Lewis Cafe. I would stay away from the steaks here though. Home made pie!

    If you didn't mind going back a different way, I would try this.
    I haven't been able to get myself there yet because they have limited times they are open but it looks like it would be so good. It gets really good reviews.

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      I too have heard good things about Travelers and also haven't been (alas)