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Jun 14, 2012 02:24 PM

Pasta side to serve with Veal Milanese

Hi CH friends,

My ladies' supper club's theme is Italian this month and the hostess is making veal milanese. I'd like to make a pasta side to go along. Any ideas?


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  1. I just made this last night and had a marinara on the pasta with the Milanese. I also do pesto.

    1. Heat olive oil in a fry pan just until it sizzles quietly when the crushed garlic is introduced but don't make it hot enough to brown the garlic. Add crushed garlic (I like lots of garlic) or you can mince it if you like, and cook briefly - perhaps one or two minutes. Keep the garlic moving and don't allow it to brown. Add finely chopped fresh basil and stir gently while heating through. Cook only until basil is well wilted. Add pre-cooked spaghetti and toss to combine. Don't salt and if you use a grated cheese to top. Otherwise, you'll want to salt to taste. Sprinkle on a touch of grated Provolone if you like (don't use Parmesan, you've already got that in your Veal Milanese).
      Makes a nice side for the veal that doesn't distract from the veal as the featured item.

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        I like this idea and was thinking a little lemon zest and maybe a squeeze of lemon would be good. As for cheese, I would definitely toss it with some Parmigiano, but then my Veal Milanese doesn't have cheese.

        1. re: escondido123

          The hint of acid with the squeeze of lemon, while I've never tried it, provides an acidic component that might be worth a shot. I'll try that next time I make this side dish.
          I was neglectful by assuming the OPs Veal Milanese recipe included cheese. Some do, others do not and if the recipe referenced in the post doesn't include cheese then I'd agree that Parmigiano with the pasta would work fine.
          The risk I see with Veal Milanese is that it's easy to include a side that overwhelms the veal; not a good thing.

          1. re: todao

            I must admit I have Meyer lemons off my own tree so it brings a slightly different taste to mind when I recommend lemon....I consider myself very lucky on this.

        1. re: Chinon00

          Well if we're going to go to risotto rather than pasta then I vote for lemon risotto using peel and juice.