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Where to find Molecular Gastronomy Chemicals in YYC

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Ive tried to a couple different places but cant find items like Transglutamines, Sodium Alginate. Any tips?

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    1. Another thread comesup in "related discussions" on the side there. Someone said there was a place in canyon medows.

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        Thats Soffritto. Was Flavours of the World before a change in ownership.

        KSlink, what do you mean?

      2. You can find some items such as agar agar and soy lecithin at co-op or community natural foods. For Transglutamines and alginate I have found that amazon.ca is a good resource (believe it or not) You can also look up JB Prince. They will ship to Canada with a minimum that is fairly easy to hit. My last suggestion is emailing a chef around Calgary and asking them to order some for you. Depending on who it is you might get lucky.

        1. Ive seen a few things at Cookbook Co, but not the full selection. Same as localchef mentioned re community natural foods. For home use, i order from http://dcduby.com/ out of Vancouver. No customs, no garbage to deal with. They cost a bit more than shipping from the states, but their stuff is good.

          For large volume, ordering from the US is best.

          1. I recall seeing a molecular gastronomy set at SAIT's marketplace about a month and a half ago. It was on the same shelf as their vinegars and oils. I have no idea what the price might be but it would be exactly what you are looking for. Be sure to pick up some awesome and cheap steaks while you are there.