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Jun 14, 2012 01:28 PM

Rehearsal Dinner Venue in Great Barrington Area


We are in the process of planning a rehearsal dinner for September 2012, and are searching for a venue after our planned venue recently backed out. Most of our guests will be staying in Hillsdale, NY, but we're looking for venues in any nearby (within 30 minute drive) town.

We are expecting 70 - 80 guests, and would like a venue that has outdoor space, with indoor availability in case of rain. We've already arranged for a local farmer to do a pig roast and a caterer will provide sides, and we will serve wine and beer.

We're really hoping for a laid-back event that celebrates the natural beauty of Columbia County.

Any insight would be most appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Oh I think that the Stagecoach Tavern would be lovely. It's right off Rte. 41 So pretty close to Hillsdale. It is by far our favorite place to eat. In fact we are having our 10th anniversary there this summer with many friends/family. The venue is perfect!

    1. Hi ebb829 - I'm also planning a rehearsal dinner in the area and your idea of a pig roast sounds amazing. Can you tell us who the vendor was and how the event turned out? Also, where did you end up hosting it? Thanks!

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        Jeremy Stanton of The Meat Market in Great Barrington runs Fire Roasted Catering from that site as well. They do all sorts of whole animal roasts, pigs and lambs being their forte. Great people with a farm to table business.

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          Thanks Lenox637! I came across them in a quick Google search too, looks delicious. Do you have any feedback on their vegetarian selection too? It's always nice to add sides into the meat-centric meal.

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            No I can't give you direct feedback on the veg options but I have known Jeremy for almost 20 years, he is a CIA trained chef and is surrounded by many talented individuals.