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Jun 14, 2012 01:08 PM

What is fresh and new near North Conway?

Heading up there this weekend and would like any recs on new and hidden gems in the area. Considering driving up to Sunday River for a day trip to explore that area as well. Looking for good eats and places to visit in the area. Good picnic spots and swimming holes also greatly appreciated. Diana's bath and Echo lake seem over crowded these days.

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  1. We are headed up there this weekend too and was hoping you'd get some responses. Please post if you find anything, and I'll do the same.

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      Will do! Usually stop at the Sunnyvale restaurant in Ossipee along 16 on the way up or The Pizza Barn also in Ossipee..

    2. Had dinner at taste of Thai. Service was a bit slow. Food was good. Hubby had duck. I had massaman curry.

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        We had burritos at the corner place next to the Five and Dime in the village, fairly decent for the price! Didn't realize it was biker week until the drive up, should make the week more interesting.

      2. Evans notch is a good drive & has a great swimming hole (rattlesnake hole).

        1. Had a nice breakfast at Peach's.

          And dreadful pizza at Brennans. Brennans has great online reviews...they've got to be from family and friends. The crust is horrible...hard like a cracker. They claimed over the phone to be "neopolitan" style. All I know is the pizza was edible and nothing more.