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best wedding cakes in greater seattle?

really flavorful, not necessarily over-the-top theatrical.

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  1. Dolce Lou. The cakes happen to be gluten-free, but really really good taste and texture. You can try a slice of cake at one of her farmers market booths. http://dolcelou.com/

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      Thanks! The cake-filling-buttercream possibilities sound wonderful. Will definitely seek out a sample.

    2. Kelli's Creations -- she did our cake (late April) and it was not only delicious, it was GORGEOUS (we had a very whimsical design)


        1. Morfey's. No crazy sculpture aspirations, just great cake, creat filling, great icing.

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            second for Morfey's. great people, great cake.

          2. While we were cake shopping, we thought the following were the standouts in terms of judging solely on flavor only. Mike's and Bakery Nouveau are pretty spendy as they also look very good too.

            Mike's Amazing Cakes
            Remo Borracchini's
            Bakery Nouveau

            1. macrina bakery! our wedding was over a year ago and people are still talking about our delicious wedding cake.

              1. I was married two months ago and ultimately went with BAKED, in West Seattle. http://www.custombakedcakes.com/ They're one of the bakeries that uses real meringue buttercream frosting, a requirement for me because I don't like American buttercream. I loved their flavor combinations and their understated and modern decor. Really beautiful cakes. The owners were lovely with special requests, as well. We ended up ordering three different flavors for the tiers and got rave reviews from guests. The coconut mango was my favorite. We also got the lavender haze and chocolate decadence.

                One other spot I tasted and found to be exceptional was Creme de la Creme in Renton. Great frostings and fillings. They are pricier, however, and located in Renton, which meant a hefty delivery fee for my wedding on Capitol Hill.

                1. We loved the cake Gelatiamo did for our wedding.

                  1. We just got married in Seattle last week. We got a wedding cake from Whole Foods (Westlake location). They decorated it exactly the way we wanted, 3 tiers, it was beautiful AND delicious AND affordable. Many people asked us where we'd gotten it from because it was so good. Plus it was only like $250 for cake for 80 people.