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Jun 14, 2012 12:24 PM

What to Order at Marc Forgione?

Hi CH'ers,

Have an 8:00 p.m. reservation for two at Marc Forgione tomorrow night. Based upon reviews on this board, I am thinking the BBQ oysters and/or the chili lobster, and the chicken for two. Would only one appetizer and the chicken be enough? And, if so, which should we go with: oysters or lobster? Any entrees better than the chicken?

Also -- any suggestions for bars with a decent craft beer selection nearby?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. They have a very seasonal menu so I can't really help you, nor have I had the chicken under a brick (believe it serves 2?). Sorry I can't help you in that respect. I generally would have an app and entree per person.

    However, you can try Terroir Wine Bar on 24 Harrison St. They have a nice selection of craft beers.

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      I suggest the tasting menu of his signature dishes. He is an amazing chef and this is one of my favorite restaurants. Don't miss the afformentioned chili lobster, halibut, whatever duck hes doing (the menu constantly fluctuates), and desserts are incredible (get the sundae).

    2. The apps aren't huge, so I'd get both the BBQO and the Chili Lobster. In fact, when we go, we usually split the BBQO (six oysters to an order) as a "pre-appetizer" before doing two apps & two entrees - but we're likely to skip desserts, or just split a small one, so it's not overkill for us.

      The chicken-for-two is great, though pretty straightforward - if you'd rather something "cheffier" the halbut with "sauce proposal" is one of his (justifiably) better known dishes, and maybe pair that with another entree that's something seasonal not always on the menu.

      1. Cavatelli with lamb, ricotta and mint

        Duck with potato gnocchi, spinach and prunes

        Banana pacan pie bread pudding

        1. I always get the chili lobster and the oysters,,, if i had to choose , i'd go with the lobster. The chicken under a brick , most people love

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            Ooh! Can't wait to check this place out when I'm back in NYC. The place itself also looks so pretty!

          2. For craft beers, also - Mudville 9 is pretty much the only game in that part of town that I know of. A lot of good cocktail bars (Ward III, Weather Up, Macao Trading, and surprisingly good ones at Plein Sud) - but it's just not a beer area for some reason. But M9 is good. Not as amazing as, say, d.b.a. in the East Village - but then you can actually get the bartender's attention at M9...

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              The Tribeca Tap Room is another beer place. They also have several beer drinking places, although the selection of beers isn't there , the consumption is. Places such as Patriot, Raccoon Lodge, Reade St Bar and several Irish bars on Murray St, Warren and such. Walker's and Puffy's is a tamer crowd.Plein Sud is a hotel tourist crowd.