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Jun 14, 2012 12:21 PM

charleston / kiawah recs

hi there! we are going to be in charleston + kiawah over 4th of july week. we will be in both places with my parents and our 2 little boys (2+4), and in kiawah we will add on another 6 adults + 4 kids.

charleston: we have reservations at husk, fig and the hominy grill. would love some lunch recommendations - casual places where we can take the kids and have delicious food. nothing too fancy. also, what are some places we can grab sandwiches / food for picnics?

kiawah: we have a reservation one night at the fat hen and plan to cook a fair amount - we have a gorgeous, huge house that we have rented.
would love some recommendations of places we can go to dinner and/or lunch with the adults AND kids - happy to drive, maybe no longer than 20 minutes though? would like local, delicious food, and a great setting would be a plus (but not necessary!).

thanks in advance for any help!

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    1. Those threads have lots of suggestions. Thanks, carolina dawg.

      I know there's a Crave out there. There's one in Mt P and I like it. But I can't speak to the one out there.

      For picnic stuff in town, look at Caviar and Bananas.

      1. I was in Seabrook this week and had dinner with a mix of adults and children at La Tela Pizzeria in Fresh Fields on the patio ...the food was delicious.I had the mushroom ragout pizza.Others had pasta that had high quality ingredients . The kiddos had calamari and pepperoni pizza.. However I found the service to be questionable and the owners wife who was serving as hostess(we did not know she was an owner until we were leaving) was quite rude to our group and several other groups during our meal but not having to drive anywhere and the food was enough to stay.
        The kids loved the night we ate at Red's at Bohicket Marina...sat outside watching the sunset and the kiddos played on the lawn with live music. The food was good...not outstanding foodie food but no problems and very tasty.
        Of course ALWAYS the Fat Hen! Chicken Livers to die for!

        1. Fischers at Bohicket Marina some of the best fried shrimp in charleston local beef for burgers and patty melts low key close to kiawah