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Jun 14, 2012 12:17 PM

Summer Beers 2012

Well, it's a new year and a new summer so I thought it appropriate to refresh this topic with a shout out to my new favorite summer beer, Sweetwater IPA. It's brewed in Georgia, and to be honest, being in the southeast myself, I don't know how far Sweetwater's distribution stretches. This beer is crisp, full-bodied with a bitter finish that at times reminds me of bergamot or grapefruit (Sweetwater credits the hops for the flavor). Unfiltered and unpasturized, this is a beer with some tooth, but as Belgians are a little heavy for me in the summer, this has been a fantastic alternative sans lime, lemon or orange sections on the rim of my glass.

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  1. I tried Sweetwater IPA and BlueMoon for the first time in Miami last week. I'm generally a fan of darker beers but I was impressed with both.
    I found 6-packs of BlueMoon all over Miami and NY but I never saw Sweetwater again.

    1. Sweetwater is marketed in Georgia and North Florida, pretty extensively. They have a number of different brews. 420 is their workhorse XPA, and is also on tap in many restaurants. They have an IPA as well and a blueberry infused brew, called Blue. They do several seasonals, which they term as "catch and release" in keeping with their fish logo theme. Right now they're marketing Road Trip their Pilsner and they are promoting river conservation with at Hefeweizen called Waterkeeper, which seems to ahve limited distribution.

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