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Jun 14, 2012 11:55 AM

Milwaukee Saturday Night Bachelor Party Dinner

I'm looking for a place for a nice steak dinner on a Saturday night for 6 guys (all mid-thirties and not from the Midwest). Somewhere we can drink lots of martinis, power through some steak, and get a little taste of Milwaukee.

Based on what I've read so far, I'm torn.

1) People have said that Carnevor is the best steakhouse in town, but from what I've seen it looks trendy and uncomfortable...and since most of us are from San Francisco and LA, it's unlikely to really outdo the steakhouses we've all been to in the "trendy/upscale" category. Is the steak there really so good that it's worth it? Am I misjudging the place from the reviews and photos?

2) I'm intrigued by Five O'Clock Steakhouse. It seems to have a very uniquely Milwaukee vibe that would be different from places that we've all been to before, and has a very "GUY" feel to it, they probably won't object to us swilling tons of martinis, etc. But is the steak there really good, or are guys going to be bitching that it wasn't high quality if they're used to the nicer steakhouses in bigger cities? Is the place just retro or does it veer into actually being a dump?

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  1. I have not been, but I know my husband really likes the Five O'Clock steakhouse a lot for guys night out. From what he says, it is really good (maybe not "the best") and you get the WI supper clubby feel with the relish tray and included salad.

    My only experience at Carnevor wasn't amazing, but I know a lot of people think it is one of the best around...but I do think it may be exactly what you are trying to avoid as far as being trendy.

    So if choosing between those two, I do think the Five O'Clock is the way to go as long as the group is on board that you're all looking for a more unique experience. I am sure it will be a fun time!

    1. I've said for years that you can ask 10 guys who has the best steak and you'll get 10 different answers and they're probably all correct. With that being said, I've been to both places numerous times as well as places around the country, including LA. In my opinion, yes, Carnevor is that good, but it is a trendy, clubby feel. However, for what you're describing, I'd steer you towards 5o'clock. It's a pretty cool place, in large part because the decor that you saw isn't retro, it's just never been changed. Definitely an old school place. Definitely not a dump. Steaks are served in the old school kind of way, with a few mushrooms on top and a good amount of jus on the bottom. And yes, a great place to suck down a few martinis and get a little loud. Steaks are, in my opinion, no where near Carnevor, but I'd seriously question anybody who would complain that it wasn't good enough quality for them.

      1. 5 O'clock!!!!!! - my hubby and I (mid-thirties) think its the best steak in Milwaukee area. The steak comes to your table looking almost burnt regarless of how you ordered it but when you cut into the steak it is perfectly cooked. The sear is what we think makes 5 O'Clock the best in town.
        Its definately old school. It gives the feeling that a goodfella is likely to be sitting at the next table. Its not in a great neighborhood and theres really nothing else for out-of-towners within walking distance but its only a 5 minute cab ride from downtown, eastside or 3rd ward. Note - you need to have the restaurant call you a cab - you cant hail one on the streets.
        Also - you didnt ask but - would highly recommend staying at the Iron Horse - very unique, pure Milwaukee hotel with great reviews. I've personnally stayed twice and its a favorite hotel of ours (worldwide)
        Let me know where you end up going.

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        1. re: VintageGrace

          Its not in a great neighborhood and theres really nothing else for out-of-towners within walking distance but its only a 5 minute cab ride from downtown, eastside or 3rd ward.

          Untrue. Ricky's on State is right across the street, and it is a bachelor party:)

          1. re: KoolWhip

            Right. A quick google search told me what type of place it is and I haven't been to any bachelorETTE parties there. The review on yelp told me enough. OMG. But may make for a "Hangover" worth experience.

            1. re: KoolWhip

              I agree and do not know why Ricky's gets a bad rap. I worked there to pay my way through college and actually met my 3rd husband there. Their Friday all you can eat lunch buffet is actually quite good and superior to the lunches I had on the house while working at Hoops or Silk.