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Jun 14, 2012 10:43 AM

st pete of value

What is worth ones time and effort in st petersburg? it seems kind of thin. My favorite eating was at Z Grill but that was incredibly expensive for what it was.

Red Mesa and Mezze look like they have promise, Anything opinions or others? Oh and is frescas by the pier any good or merely a tourist trap?

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  1. We drive up from Sarasota to eat lunch in St. Pete every now and then. One of my favorites is Park Shore Grill. The food is delicious, and great quality. We've been to Frescoe's twice after the Grand Prix - personally I don't like it that much. The setting is great, but that's it - everything on the menu is either sort of Greek or sort of Cajun, with none of it that great. Lots of greasy fried stuff too.

    Don't know too much about any other places, can't seem to get away from Park Shore!

    1. Search the board. Plenty has been previously mentioned.

      1. El Caps burgers, Chattaway's burgers and fried chicken, Ted Peter's smoked fish and burgers, Tony and Nellos bruchetta (its a meal), Coney Island's chili dogs and shakes, crowley's fish and chips, st pete brasserie's cassoulet and duck wings, biff burgers dry wings, three bird's short rib egg rolls, o'maddys view and special of the day, ricky Ps Cajun Bistro's soups and po'boys, pegs cantina's beers and burrito, waltz fish shack, habana cafe pork sandwich.