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Jun 14, 2012 10:42 AM

A&J's in Annandale and more

We stumbled across the A&J's in Rockville early one Sun afternoon and really enjoyed it.

Is the A&J's space in Annandale bigger than the one in Rockville? And what sort of waits can we expect on typical Sat or Sun mornings?

My folks are coming to town and we want good dimsum/small plates but my dad just can't deal with crazy crowds anymore. We usually do traditional Cantonese-style dimsum at Mark's Duckhouse, but thought we would try something different this time.

To give you a sense of where we're coming from culinarily, we were pleased as punch to find northern food at A&J's and also, earlier, at Shanghai Cafe in Potomac.

Any other suggestions of more interesting Chinese places aside from these I've mentioned?


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  1. The Annandale A&J is about half the size of the Rockville branch. If you want Cantonese dim sum, Hong Kong Pearl (in the strip mall across Wilson Blvd from Eden Center) is new, large, and can handle the crowds. Dim sum isn't bad either.

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    1. re: dpan

      whoa! i thought the rockville one was small!

      we're pretty picky about quality of food, esp dim sum, so is the fare at hong kong pearl just acceptable or is it pretty good? and we're looking, ideally, for something different from the usual char siu bao, siu mai, etc.

      thanks again.

      1. re: maureen101

        It's pretty good, better than MDH and probably better than China Garden in variety and preparation.

        1. re: maureen101

          we like hong kong pearl dim sum very much. i'm crazy about their pea shoot, garlic chive and shrimp bun or dumpling…which you usually need to order specially. (i think that is the combo of ingredients -- it is so savory, with that garlicky green flavor)
          ask for the chrysanthemum tea -- it is lovely. their bbq pork and duck are also very nice -- the pork with crispy skin has crispy skin indeed, and has moist and tender flesh.

          non-dim-sum, they have the best fried shrimp around. "shrimp ball" (without the head for me).

      2. Do not get dim sum at A&J Annandale. It is northern-style and not what you would expect in terms of traditional dim sum.

        I would recommend Fortune, Hong Kong Pearl, or China Garden. They're all pretty similar in terms of quality. Some dishes better at some than others.

        Hollywood East is my favorite, but it's in MD. You could always go to A&J for the taiwanese breakfast!