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72 market street type food ???

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I realize the restaurant that was originally ownned by Tony Bill and Dudley Moore who played on the piano there most nights is now long gone.

But is there anywhere to get those eats, kick ass chili, meatloaf, the desserts - hot fudge sundae brownies. I believe they may have a specific chef that created those dishes.


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  1. See if you can find a copy of the 72 Market Street cookbook. It's great and has all of the items you listed. I'm sure it is out of print but worth a google search.

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      I've got the book, it is great! That was a really fun place.

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        It's only 99 cents here:


        I have bought dozens, if not 100s of books from Alibis. Very dependable.

      2. I've got the recipe for both the meatloaf AND the chili. I can post 'em for you if you'd like (but probably not here. The CHOW police will undoubtedly direct us to a different board.)

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            It would be great if you could post those on the Home Cooking board, rather than on the LA board. But please do post a link here so that LA board regulars will also be able to find them.

            Love and Thanks,
            The CHOW Police

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              Anyone interested in them recipes, replete with the mention of Leonard Schwartz, per a loving recommendation by the CHOW Cops, here's a link : http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/854199

          2. The chef who developed those recipes at 72 Market Street was Leonard Schwartz. He later went to Maple Drive restaurant which was opened by the same owners as 72 Market Street. After that he left there to open Zeke's Smokehouse in Montrose as chef and co-owner. The partners opened a second Zeke's Smokehouse in West Hollywood which has since closed. At the original Zeke's in Montrose I believe they are still serving Leonard Schwartz's same "Kick Ass Chili," meatloaf and southern fried chicken that was formerly served at 72 Market Street.


            1. Is poster asking for cooking recommendations or for chef/restaurant recommndation?

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                sorry, not cooking.

                place where i can get these eats, so definitely restaurant, chef recommendations.


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                  Check out the menu for Lucky's Steak House in Montecito. That is where Leonard Schwartz is and the menu has meatloaf as a special and chili. Looks very interesting, anyone been?

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                    Big fan as I was with Market Street and Maple Drive. Lucky has the best of both within the context of a chop house. Meatloaf, MP & chili are all the same.

              2. Maybe The Brentwood? They've got the meatloaf covered at least, fried chicken, etc.

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                  As much as I enjoy dining at The Brentwood, I believe that the meatloaf is one of the worst items on their menu. Fried Chicken is good. Spaghetti and meatballs are good. Good chicken burger and good mashed potatoes.. Anything but the meatloaf.

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                    Brentwood fried chicken is off the charts. How about the Grill for meatloaf?

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                      The Brentwood's Fried Chicken is good but prefer Farm Shop or Bouchon's version. However, The Brentwood's is terrific and available 7 nights a week. My favorite meatloaf is served at the Brighton Coffee Shop in Beverly Hills. It is an Brighton and Camden. Love their meatloaf. Better than the Grill. All things considered, my go-to-meatloaf is the very reliable 72 Market recipe. I have modified it over the years and it is still my favorite.The secret of the 72 MKT meatloaf is sautéing the vegetables BEFORE you add to meat mixture.

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                    I was thinking The Brentwood too. Though have not had the meatloaf. Great fried chicken.

                  3. Well Kevin - I can't help with finding you a place that's similar, but I have the old LA Times recipe for the meat loaf. There's been a ton of entries on Chow Hound about it so I thought I'd post it for all of you. Happy Food Memories!

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                      I make this meatloaf and have for years. The most important things are cooking the vegetables first until soft and also the seasonings. I have substituted ground chicken or ground turkey for the meat, have substituted yogurt for the 1/2 and 1/2 and have omitted the peppers. Also, I never make the gravy. It always tastes delicious.
                      This is just a great basic recipe for meatloaf. Just saying that it is easily modified but you have to follow the cooking vegetables instructions and the seasonings. Those are key to this great meatloaf.

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                        In fact 72 Market Street has an entire cookbook of dishes for fans.

                        it's the real deal. Mine is languishing in the garage until I unpack.

                        Here it is:


                        I buy all my used books at alibis.com

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                          ok, maybe I'll get that cookbook.


                          where you the one that mentioned Jay's Bar in Silver Lake ?????


                          1. re: kevin

                            Yes, I was.

                            I got pretty darn close to going in. There are so many things to do! I want to go to Belcampo this weekend too!

                            1. re: SilverlakeGirl

                              So little time, so much to eat, too little money, too little stomach space.

                              Well, when you grab that Belcampo burger you may as well wash it down with the coffee cooler from G&B.

                              It's going to be a busy weekend for sure.

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                            FYI, it is Alibris(not alibis) . Assuming a typo.
                            Also, better to look at abebooks.com
                            This is the greatest source if you want to buy out-of-print and/or rare books. Alibris buys books from http://www.abebooks.com

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                              Sorry about that typo.

                              I used to use abebooks about 20 years ago but love the customer service at Alibris. Both companies use the same composite of sellers so it's very little difference.


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                            Well, we now know what you are making for the chow meet up pot luck part deux

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                            I still have the original LA Times recipe for this, too! Also - don't forget, they had one of the great Caesar Salad's, too. And Kevin will be happy to know, probably the best martini- ever.

                            1. re: yogachik

                              Loved 72's Caesar. First place I recall serving whole, uncut, romaine lettuce leaves. It was a nice presentation and the dressing was out of this world.

                              1. re: yogachik

                                Oh, shoot, Yoga.

                                I guess I missed the boat on that one.

                                And I presume I could have had a martini there while Dudley Moore serenaded the hordes at the classic old piano.

                              1. re: ns1

                                Why not ?

                                72 Market Street was an iconic restaurant.

                                I'm betting that Bruce Marder's now long-gone West Beach Cafe most likely has a Wkey podia page too.