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Jun 14, 2012 09:43 AM

What is new on LBI?

Any new places to try on Long Beach Island? Breakfast, lunch and dinner, any price range, any cuisine. We have been going for many years, so just looking for new things or changes.

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  1. The Maine Course opend a few weeks ago in the space occupied by Tiki Taco. Their website menu lists real deal lobster rolls w/ either lite mayo, or melted butter. Whole belly fried clams, too. I haven't tried it yet, hopefully Sunday. I believe their location is North Beach Haven.

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      Really good lunch here yesterday. There's only three picinic tables outside, and inside counter seating for about six. Very friendly and attentive staff. We ordered two lobster rolls (one regular and one jumbo), crabcake sandwich, and fried clams (whole belly) for me. I got about a dozen, super fresh and perfectly cooked. I'm guessing they are using better quality fry oil, and it shows. Excellent fries, home made tartar sauce, and really good slaw. Lobster rolls and the crab cake were also gobbled up. Looked like claw and knucle meat with just a trace of mayo. They can also be ordered hot, w/ melted butter. Quite a few take outs, and I saw two deliveries going out, one by car and one on foot. My clams could match up with Cape Cod's best. I really hope they keep up with the great quality and great staff.

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        Got take out from Maine Course this weekend. It's okay fried clams were very good, lobster rolls need a lot of improvement to be anywhere near as good as ones I've had on the Cape and in the Hamptons

        1. re: eatinman

          I mentioned the clams were as good as I've had, but only saw the lobster rolls from across the table. I believe the regular lobster roll was $12.9r and the jumbo $17.95. I'm gonna guess it's frozen lobster meat from Canada. I've tasted it at a couple of food shows and I give it a B grade. I think not to expect too much if a lobster roll isn't priced at $22-$25 bucks.