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Jun 14, 2012 09:43 AM

GLAS - Where Frankly used to be - Queen East, Leslieville

I'm assuming this is a new restro. - it's in the space that was occupied by Frankly.

Anyone have any "intell"?

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  1. Yes! I was looking in the papered up window Saturday morning and the chef himself came out to say hi. Says he was opening this week (june 19ish) and it would be a fresh, local, small plates place, serving mostly ontario wines. Says nothing would be more than $15, and there was a big letter on the door introducing himself....

    We popped in and it did NOT look ready, so I'll be interested to see if he can pull it off this week or not

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      Hey Modizzle thanks for the info. Wonder if they have a website?

    2. I was in last night, and I'm not sure I'd say they were ready. The house-smoked salmon was delicious, but they had run out of rosti (by 7:30) and were serving it with four thin slices of baguette -- with no reduction from the $12 price. It was a small portion even by small plate standards. The trout looked good, but came with about 6 unremarkable wedges of potatoes -- also a very small plate for $12-$14. The chickpea salad was essentially a bowl of chickpeas with a single leaf of spinach slivered into it and a dab at the bottom of the bowl of something -- yogurt? It was $8 for essentially chickpeas with some oil. Service was kind of ragged -- we were asked for our order before we were given a menu.

      The Ontario wines were probably the highlight. It looked like there were some nice little bites, too, like spiced nuts and popcorn of some type, so might be a nice place to stop in for just for a glass of wine. Be warned -- still not air-conditioned. I Iike heat and it was fine while we ate, but by the time we left it had filled up and was getting uncomfortable.

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        We were there last week and sadly this place does not have it. The plates are very small and uninspired. Avoid the pasta fredda at all costs.

      2. Had a great meal at Glas tonight. The menu is quite limited, but everything was delicious. It's a share plate concept, loved being able to try a few different things. Started with the heirloom gazpacho topped with goat cheese and perfectly crunchy Wild asparagus. Great layers of flavor and textures. Then had What i thi k was the best calamari I've ever had; perfectly cooked, amazingly fresh, with quinoa and Wild spinach. Next was a simple rice dish similar to risotto with some nice wild mushrooms. Finally a very flavourful roasted duck with boar bacon and rhubarb sauce. Ended off with a cheese plate with perfect sides (quince, balsamic reduction, and honey), berries spritzed with grappa, and a very moist red wine chocolate cake, the red wine flavour really came through. Loved the great selection of Ontario wines. Service was impeccable. If you're in leslieville, check them out!

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          Not a very good review in today's Globe. In fact was pretty hard on Leslieville restaurant scene as a whole.

          1. re: millygirl

            I saw that. The review was way too harsh. I agree on some fronts; it is excellent for leslieville ( I would say best meal I've had in leslieville), but I wouldn't necessarily trek from across town to go. I'm very confused on his cake commentary, it was extremely moist, and the wine very apparent. The post gave a better review. It was completely evident to me that the chef is pouring his heart & soul into the food, being creative, using very fresh ingredients, which can't be said for many places these days. This is not the place to go if. You're feeling like a big hunk of meat with potAtoes though, it's light dining, which I love (light yet I didn't leave starved unlike Yours Truly...)

            1. re: MELCH

              Mr, MG and I tried Glas last night and LOVED IT!! Best dinner we've had in Leslieville in a long long time.

              Where do I start.....

              The place is small but very warm, inviting and comfortable.
              Best server ever. Friendly, polite, knowledgeable and no issues. A real pro.
              Between us we tried pretty much everything on the ever changing menu. The food was excellent. Red wine poached chicken mousse crostini - with little red onion garnish was killer. Short ribs, pan fried pickerel with beets and horseradish cream sauce - yum.
              And the best creme brulee I've had. Not too sweet, rich and creamy. Served with a few little tastings of balsamic, jam from Bumpercrop, and berries, sorry I forget what kind.
              Very original tastes.

              I love the concept of small plates for sharing. Mr MG had a great time, and by the way, how could I forget, nice wine list too!

              Price was a very very reasonsable $106 plus tip and we left with happy tummies and warm heart.

              Oh yeah, Chef IS very cute too LOL

              We'll def be back

        2. Did anyone try their first night of the Tuesday vegetarian tasting menu last night?

          I have some friends lined up for a couple weeks from now. Just curious to try and hear anything ahead of going.

          1. Had a lovely dinner at Glas. Ate everything on the menu, from the nuts to the red wine cake, apart from the tartare which was off that night. The three vegetarian dishes were brilliant (beet textures, jerusalem artichoke soup with roast mushrooms, celeriac pappardelle with truffle) and made me want to go back for the veg tasting menu. I really liked the red wine cake, though the roast beef gravy sauce was a bit of a shock at first!

            The chef was very charming - a bit of Tom Hardy about him?!

            I think it takes the crown from Skin+Bones for best Leslieville meal lately: friendlier and less trendy, and even a meat-lover like me preferred the freshness of Glas's menu compared to the animal-fat richness of S+B. I think S+B has the better wine list tho...