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Jun 14, 2012 09:38 AM

Artisanal Creamery—Open for the Season in Glendale

Hi All,

From Memorial Day well past the Fourth of July, it is a very patriotic time in our neck of the woods—and in a most positive way. So why not stop by the above and have some good old-fashioned icy cold goodness?

Artisanal Creamery doesn't have new fangled exotic flavors but what they do have is deliciously homey and hey, Glendale is time warp land, after all.

Why, walking back from Artisanal Creamery last night (wonderful milk shakes!), we discovered a little American flag planted in our front lawn and, our next-door neighbor's lawn and... our other next-door neighbor's lawn and... all of our neighbors' lawns!

They give 'em away for free around here! There's even a guy on Cooper Avenue who has a bunch of little flags planted around the tree in front of his house. He also has a sign asking people not to steal a flag but instead to ring his bell and he'll give you one—free!

And so, from a more innocent time and place,

Happy Flag Day Chowhounders!


Glendale is hungry...

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  1. Shameless promotion of a neighborhood star?

    Damn straight! Artisanal Creamery is only open from May to September. If more people go, maybe I can convince them to stay open year round!

    Anyway, these last two months I've been doing a comparison of all the milkshake possibilities at Artisanal.

    Here are my findings so far:

    Chocolate Italian water ice (milkshake) - Perhaps the most refreshing thing I've had this summer. Maybe the most refreshing thing I've had ANY summer. They add just a little milk before mixing so that it's icy, smooth and light. What makes this work is both the high quality and the intensity of the chocolate. On super-hot days, this is extraordinary.

    Vanilla - I can’t put my finger on it but something about their most basic of ice cream flavors just sings—both in a cone and in a shake. Häagen-Dazs is dishwater in comparison (HD, I spit in your general direction! Pitooey!).

    Dulce de Leche - Here’s a flavor of theirs that’s actually better as a milkshake. In its pure form I find it a little too much to take all at once. Add milk, blend, and it’s the most amazing, creamy, chilled butterscotch you’ll ever have.

    Chocolate - Super dark and intense. Like the chocolate water ice version but richer. Another winner.

    Pistachio – Although the straw gets clogged a lot, I find the flavor of this surprisingly wonderful. Don’t let the fluorescent green color fool you. This nut is the real deal and tastes like it.

    Cookies & Cream – As a milk shake this is very good but the bits of creme filling from the cookie get a little lost in the shuffle. Ditto for the cookies themselves. Let cookies be cookies and everyone’s happy.

    Coffee – As straight-up ice cream, this is probably my second favorite of all of Artisanal Creamery’s flavors. Unfortunately, as a milkshake, it’s only okay. This one belongs in a cone where it can shine.

    Amaretto – As a milkshake, this tastes like a giant maraschino cherry. Just like their coffee flavor, this is much better in a cone.

    Butter Pecan – Again, this one is better in a cone—not as a milkshake. Somehow with the addition of milk and the blending, this tastes even more buttery and the pecans get too finely ground to have the crunchy explosion of nutty flavor.

    That’s where I am so far. To go, I still have rum raisin, coconut almond fudge, strawberry, cherry vanilla, hazelnut, chocolate brownie, cookie dough, mocha almond fudge, rainbow (which I’m sure will turn into a lovely shade of grey…) and a number of others that I can’t remember. Heck, I might even ask them to make a milkshake out of their raspberry sorbet just to see what happens.

    I hope you’ll check out Artisanal Creamery this season, Chowhounds. It’s no more inconvenient to get to than Eddie’s Sweet Shopppppppe, has much better product and at a fraction of the price. (The extra p’s by the way are for puberty. If you’ve been waited on at Eddie's, you know what I’m talking about. Artisanal Creamery is family run and doesn't have that problem.)


    Glendale is hungry…

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    1. re: Glendale is hungry

      Where does one park? I've driven past, but parking is the issue for me.

      1. re: IWantFood

        Hi IWantFood,

        Parking here requires some resourcefulness as on-street parking is tight. You're not planning to walk around downtown Glendale all day, right? No? Okay...

        So, got any plastic bags to recycle? (Who doesn't?)

        Park in the lot at Stop & Shop on Myrtle at the corner of Cypress Hills Street. Bring your plastic bags for recycle into the foyer of Stop & Shop and drop them off in the bin there then exit the foyer via the other doors and head three blocks east to Artisanal Creamery. Enjoy.


        Glendale is hungry...