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Jun 14, 2012 09:19 AM

granola bars

I Am trying to make granola bars using agave syrup for the sweetness and coconut oil for the fat to make them low glycemic and healthy. I have tried a few recipes but the bars end up not holding together, so I eat them like regular granola! Can anyone tell me what makes the bar hold together and does anyone have a good recipe without high glycemic sweeteners like honey and maple syrup?

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  1. You need to add something to bind them together, or you're just going to get granola, as you've already found. Agave syrup and coconut oil are both liquid (or semi-liquid) at room temperature. The recipes I've got use some combination of honey, brown sugar, applesauce and peanutbutter as binding agents.

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      Honey or brown sugar would defeat my purpose. Do you really think apple sauce or peanut butter would bind the bars? I could use them. How about egg white?

      1. re: jackfredi

        jackfredi, one or the other (PB or a fruit sauce) not both or you're still going to wind up with bars that are too soft. has several versions that can be made as bars or rolled into balls. Check out her site.

        I like a chewy as opposed to a crispy granola bar. So I wind up using finely chopped dates, figs or apricots as my binder. The puffed brown rice cereal, oats, nuts come in once I have the dried fruit to a pulp consistency and then I adjust the other ingredients. I bake in a hot oven for only 10 mins tops just to create a seal and I don't cut them until they are completely cooled.

        1. re: HillJ

          Thanks so much, I believe the finely chopped fruit will do the trick! I love all the knowledge you can glean from chowhound posters!

        2. re: jackfredi

          I use applesauce and egg to successfully bind my (chewy) granola bars. I have also successfully used greek yogurt and egg to bing them and didn't notice a textural difference to those made with applesauce.

          1. re: jules127

            Thanks Jules. I will try this combined with the finely minced fruit. Hopefully I will have a winner!