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Summerlicious menus are out! Colborne Lane added this year!

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  • yyuen Jun 14, 2012 08:51 AM
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Among the same restaurants year after year, I noticed that Colborne Lane's been added as one of the restaurants - I'm excited since I've heard many great reviews (in terms of their tasting menu).

I wonder if their prix fixe menu will be just as good?

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  1. Summericious discussion for this year has started in this thread:


    Hoping not many people would notice Colborne Lane was added until I got my reservation in :
    )Curious how it would be too... Could be a huge disappointment but I hope they utilize it to the max to promote the restaurant and potentially bring in future business/word of mouth.

    1. Guess they needed the participation to bring in more business since their Toronto Life rating has dropped from 3.5* to a low 1.5*!!
      It might not mean much to us chowhounders but to some other foodies, this demotion might be a 'warning flag' to stay away!!
      When I was living in France, I did notice people tend to stay away from restaurants that loses one or more of their Michelin stars!!

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        On the other hand, that makes them easier to get into.
        I recall a Michelin 1* in Auch - formerly a 2* that was showing its age (damask drapes etc) - the wine list was a rolodesk. And still one of the greatest meals of my life (subsequently the chef retired).

        I'm still not sure what Toronto Life's ratings mean - my system is certainly incompatible with theirs!

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          Starfish and the O&B group are examples of restaurants that participate in 'licious and are already highly regarded in any ratings and not needing this event to boost business.

        2. re: Charles Yu

          Does anyone even care about TL ratings?

        3. Pity there's no lunch at Colborne Lane.

          $45 is a bit steep for what they are offering, maybe $35 is more reasonable. Nothing really excites me, the desserts are meh.I need a cheese platter option.