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Jun 14, 2012 08:51 AM

Summerlicious menus are out! Colborne Lane added this year!

Among the same restaurants year after year, I noticed that Colborne Lane's been added as one of the restaurants - I'm excited since I've heard many great reviews (in terms of their tasting menu).

I wonder if their prix fixe menu will be just as good?

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  1. Summericious discussion for this year has started in this thread:

    Hoping not many people would notice Colborne Lane was added until I got my reservation in :
    )Curious how it would be too... Could be a huge disappointment but I hope they utilize it to the max to promote the restaurant and potentially bring in future business/word of mouth.

    1. Guess they needed the participation to bring in more business since their Toronto Life rating has dropped from 3.5* to a low 1.5*!!
      It might not mean much to us chowhounders but to some other foodies, this demotion might be a 'warning flag' to stay away!!
      When I was living in France, I did notice people tend to stay away from restaurants that loses one or more of their Michelin stars!!

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      1. re: Charles Yu

        On the other hand, that makes them easier to get into.
        I recall a Michelin 1* in Auch - formerly a 2* that was showing its age (damask drapes etc) - the wine list was a rolodesk. And still one of the greatest meals of my life (subsequently the chef retired).

        I'm still not sure what Toronto Life's ratings mean - my system is certainly incompatible with theirs!

        1. re: estufarian

          Starfish and the O&B group are examples of restaurants that participate in 'licious and are already highly regarded in any ratings and not needing this event to boost business.

        2. Pity there's no lunch at Colborne Lane.

          $45 is a bit steep for what they are offering, maybe $35 is more reasonable. Nothing really excites me, the desserts are meh.I need a cheese platter option.