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Jun 14, 2012 08:47 AM

Reservation for 8, 30th birthday, looking for cool NYC

Hi all- We're celebrating three 30th birthday parties at a dinner for eight people. Some of us are from Manhattan, but we have some out of town visitors also who are looking for a "fun, cool, NYC" vibe. We're looking in East/West/Greenwich village, Noho/Soho. Not above the low twenties and not tribeca or way downtown. My first thought was Rubirosa would be great, but they don't have availability for us on the date. Suggestions for a similar vibe? Budget is around $40 per person not including drinks. Thanks all!

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  1. 40 is a tight budget per person- what about the downstairs room at Supper?
    or essex on the LIC- they can serve a big table- but with drinks it will get pricey, but their menu is not crazy (they do a pre-fixe for 60 per person which includes booze, you may want to check it out)

    1. I think you can dp Empellon Taqueria for $40 pp. It's a fun place and I see large groups there all the time.