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Jun 14, 2012 08:36 AM

NoMad Rooftop

Did anyone go on Tuesday night?
Have a reservation for this evening. I was wondering what the courses were, how "fancy" it was, and what the drink pairings were like (also cost).

I'll report back tomorrow, hopefully with pictures.

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  1. They were not open on Tuesday or Wednesday due to weather. I haven't heard any reports at all from Monday night.

    That being said it's a five course meal that supposed to focus on the Greenmarket and what's in season so I would expect lots of spring vegetables however it is a changing menu each night. The drink pairings are $75 per person. That's all I know.

    I will actually be there as well tonight and am quite pleased that there isn't any real info yet. It's so rare that I don't research the crap out of each and every meal. It's going to be a treat to sit back and just be surprised (hopefully in a good way). Enjoy!

    1. Went last night as planned. As it was my 9th anniversary, I was glad to get to do something different, but I will not do the roof experience again. It is just not worth it for the money considering that for the same exact price you could eat at EMP or have a great meal inside with better service, more comfort, and a longer tasting menu.

      Space: Nice space, chairs could be more comfortable, pretty views, but it gets dark dark dark after sunset. I could barely see the food I was eating, which for a chef known for pretty food, was kind of disappointing.

      Liquor: 3 pairings were available to complement the dinner: a rose tasting, a classic wine tasting, and a non-alcoholic tasting. The alcohol options were 75 each. The no alcohol tasting was 35. We both had the "classic" tasting. 1 glass of bubbly, 1 glass of dry muscat, reisling, chardonnay, then mourvedre, finishing with a rose desert wine which was some sort of cab mixed with cognac.
      None of the wines were anything special.

      Food: All of the food was great. I liked the Soda and the Eggplant the least.
      Course 1: Clams, diced smoked salmon, cucumber ice, diced melon, and salmon roe
      Course 2: Started with lemon verbena soda then the tomato flatbread. Followed by a really really good tomato salad with mozz.-Soda was awful. Every single table left theirs unfinished that we saw. Server tried to compare it to Dr Browns Celray, but, no. Flatbread was good. Tomato salad was excellent.
      Course 3: Eggplant slice with some kind of sausage and quinoa. Good, but not great. I got served pieces of the stem.
      Course 4: Black bass. Nice dish. Great flavor. Had some sort of crumb stuff on the fish that had the texture of sand but tasted nice.
      Course 5: Duck. Nice slice of breast. Very tart and sweet apricot accompaniments.
      Course 6: Cherry sundae. Excellent flavor, looked like there was bread? and some sort of nice liquid nitro stuff going on, but it was impossible to see.

      Service: OK, not great. Served the same wine twice as part of the tasting and had to send it back. Food delivered before wine poured. Not enough light to see. It got cold and there are no heaters or blankets/shawls being offered to anybody. Cold also caused the plates to cool down very very quickly after they were served. Chairs could be more comfortable for a 2-3 hour meal. Food dropped off without complete description. Bussers waiting for my wife to finish her last bite before swooping in to take her plates.

      Experience: Was it cool to be part of something exclusive? Yes. However, for this price point and the caliber food delivered, I would expect:
      Bread should not be "part" of a course, it should have its own special service. Downstairs you get multiple breads if you finish one. No additional bread was offered after we finished ours.
      Wine pairings were not great. All felt like real "value" wines versus anything knock your socks off. At least at EMP, there is a mix where some are value and some are real classic winners.
      No petit fours, but there was a nice sorbet after the meal.
      No "take home".

      Again it was fun, but definitely a 1 time thing. That may be the point, but it could be a better 1 time thing than it is now.

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        What was the level of dress up there? Casual, dressed up, mix?

          1. re: doubledoc

            I also went on Thursday night and feel just about the same way as you doubledoc. I agree it's too dark to see the beautiful food Humm is so great at presenting but it just wasn't a level of food that justified the price either. My review:

            I truly believe the NoMad is one of the best new restaurants to open this year. So when they announced dinner service on their rooftop with a brand new menu I was one of the first one to scramble for a reservation.

            We arrived just as the sun was setting and the view was certainly beautiful. There was some jazz music playing softly in the background and the plants swayed in the breeze.
            Onto the food.

            Littleneck Clam with Smoked Sturgeon, Cucumber and Melon.
            Tomato Flatbread with Lemon Verbena and Tomato Soda.
            Heirloom Tomato Salad with Bufalo Mozzarella.
            Roasted Eggplant with Sausage and Bulgur Wheat.
            Bass with Asparagus and Black Peas.
            Roasted Duck Breast with Apricot, Chamomile and Swiss Chard
            Cherry Sorbet with Granola and Mascarpone Ice Cream.
            Shaved Ice to end.

            All of the food was great. I enjoyed the Roasted Eggplant and Duck Breast the most of the savory dishes. The Cherry sundae to finish was my favorite course of the night. If you like the Milk and Honey dessert from downstairs you'll like this one as well. The scene outside also got more beautiful as the night went on..

            We had such a relaxing and enjoyable night but in the end we both felt it just wasn't worth the price. While all of the food was good not one dish made me say "wow" and when I'm paying over this much for a meal I want to say "wow" at least once.

            As I write this I am actually getting ready to return to the NoMad downstairs for dinner this evening. I am lucky enough to be celebrating Fathers Day there and I cannot wait to get my hands on that fabulous Roasted Chicken again and fantastic Fruits de Mer. I understand the two restaurants are trying to be separate but at no point did I reach the level of excitement I am at right now for the food I experienced on that roof. That being said I had many "wow" moments downstairs so if anyone can change things around Daniel Humm is that man. I have no doubt.

            Full Review w/ Pics


            1. re: roze

              I dined there on Saturday and found it to be a wonderful experience, hope to write something up today.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Has anyone been to brunch at the NoMad? Trying to figure out if that is also on the rooftop or inside.

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            1. re: npixie

              The rooftop will close tomorrow and will re-open next summer. The brunch menu is identical to the lunch menu. Brunch is pretty low key - not nearly as crazed as dinner.

              1. re: Riverman500

                And I don't think brunch will start until Sept 8th

                1. re: Riverman500

                  The only thing that the brunch menu is missing is the wonderful chicken for 2. The chicken will now be served as a sandwich. Hope they keep the wonderful dessert cart since I adore their Kouign Amann!

                  1. re: ellenost

                    I'm actually looking forward to trying the sandwich to see if it translates well.

                    1. re: Spiritchaser

                      As always, I'll look forward to your review. I'm not a big sandwich person so I'd probably take the meat off of the bread and eat it separately.

                      1. re: ellenost

                        Just made a dinner reservation since we adore the whole chicken for 2. My sister wasn't thrilled with the idea of the chicken sandwich either. The brunch menu does look wonderful, and I know we'll be trying it soon too!

                        1. re: ellenost

                          Ahhh, the deconstructed sandwich, very edgy : ).

                      2. re: ellenost

                        Where are you guys finding the brunch menu?