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Jun 14, 2012 08:34 AM

Downtown Crossing / Financial District / nearby patios for weekday lunch?

With beautiful weather today, I'm thinking about sitting outside for lunch (I did the Clover Food Lab / Boston Common thing a couple of days ago: very nice, but I'm thinking more in terms of table service.) Some restaurants I know (good and not so good) with weekday lunch patios:

Scollay Square
Zen Japanese Grill
Ruth's Chris
In / near Faneuil Hall: McCormick & Schmick's, Wagamama, North 26, Joe's American
Via Matta
Rowes Wharf Sea Grill
Blue Inc.
Vintage Lounge
Battery Park
Pasta Beach
Legal Sea Foods near Aquarium
Smith & Wollensky (Waterfront)
Cafe Latino and Zo (3 Center Plaza), though they are counter service only.

Any others Hounds shouldn't miss?

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  1. There is Sip, the cafe in Post Office Square, has tables and the park in general. It's self-serve as for the tables that are attached to the cafe. The food is limited to mostly sandwiches, but they are decent. The food trucks at Liberty Square are also nearby.

    1. Not FD, but I like Coppa's patio for lunch.

      1. I wouldn't say "shouldn't miss," but Brandy Pete's.

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          Had the worst Cuban sandwich I've ever had at Brandy Pete's. Still, it's one of the only Patios in the actual FD and everyone else's food looked OK though Sysco-ey.

          There is also a patio at Four Green Fields which never even warranted a second visit. Maybe things have changed.

          Also- The Times which I'd assume is foodservice quality but I don't think I've ever actually eaten there.

        2. Not quite downtown but close by in the Seaport District is Sam's at Louis Boston. Good food and a great outdoor area.

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          1. re: gooch

            Does Pasta Beach have outside seating? Or, you could grab a sandwich (maybe Casa Razdora) & walk thru the arches of The Boston Harbor Hotel & walk toward the Aquarium - there's usually a bench open around there so you can enjoy the sea breeze & the view. Any leftover bread can be used to feed the stripers by the Aquarium too. : )

          2. Also, it may have slipped your mind because it's not generally thought of as downtown, but Parrish really isn't that far from the Common if you're considering Joe's in the opposite direction. You'd have Rattlesnake roof at the location as well.