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Jun 14, 2012 08:30 AM

Cape Cod recs staying in Centerville

We will be in Centerville stating at a B & B on Main St around July 4th. Breakfast in included but we will be out and about for lunch and dinner. Not sure where we will be but would like your favorite places on the Cape for lunch and dinner. I know one day we will be driving on 6A stopping at antique shops. I know I am being vague but I would like your recs just in case we are here or there? Thanks, Rich

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  1. If you are heading to 6A why not go to Sesuit Harbor Cafe (BYOB) for lunch (Sesuit Harbor/Dennis) ? The views are stellar and the food is good. Dinner at Fin for sure in Dennis Village if you want an early dinner after antique shopping? And I am sure most are tired of reading this rec but it's solid, Ocean House in Dennisport for their 3 course menu or lighter fare (bar). I dine in the bar once a month and LOVE the crab cake app and their salads. It's just enough food for me but the 3 course menu is quite lovely. I have a client in C'Ville and really don't fancy any places in that area. I have heard rave reviews of Bistrot de Soleil. Jillian and I are plotting our next dining adventure there...

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      Thanks very much. I have heard you guys talk about Ocean House in just about every post! I am going to add these to my wish list on the urbanspoon app. What do you think about that Four Seas Ice Cream Shop in Centerville?

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        My favorite is their ginger ice cream, if they have it (it sells out quickly), but their hot fudge sundae over coconut ice cream is also very good.

        I haven't tried most of the other perennial favorites, though, like Sundae School, so I can't offer a comparison.

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        Those are all stellar recs from Phelana. Follow those and you won't miss.

        You could also try a spot on MainSt. in Hyannis for a nice al fresco lunch. My preference would be Alberto's for upscale Italian American. Or for authentic Italian, lunch or dinner, you can drive to Falmouth and try Osteria la Civetta. If you've ever been to Italy, you will swear you have returned. Closer to Centerville for an upscale night out in an antique captains home is the Regatta Cotuit on Rte 28.

        Enjoy your stay and report back!

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          I second Sesuit Harbor Cafe. Lovely spot.

        2. Can you guys recommend a place that might be open on July 4th for a birthday celebration dinner for 2? Regatta is closed on the 4th, I just called.

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            Regatta is closed on the 4th!? That's nuts.

            Ocean House would be a great B-day celebratory spot. As would Fin, but with less ambience. Red Pheasant, also in Dennis Village puts out very nice food as well. Take in a play at the Cape Playhouse or a movie at Cape Cinema (both historic venues) and it's a very nice night.

            If you want to go whole hog, and have the $$$ to back it up, go to 28 Atlantic at The Wequassett Inn in Harwich, about a 30 minute ride on season from Cville. Close to Chatham, which has one of the prettiest villages on the Cape with a vibrant downtown of quaint shops and beautiful surroundings.. There is no better combination of food, service, setting, view and quality than 28 Atlantic.

            As to ice cream, I'm not a fan of 4 Seas, as it all taste overly sugared to me. Plus I like ice cream with chunky stuff in it, nuts or choclate chunks mainly, and everything at 4 Seas is ground to tiny bits. My fave for a cone or sundae is Smuggler in Dennis, or Sundae School in Dennisport. Many do consider 4 Seas the gold standard, however, so you may want to try it and make up your own mind on that.

          2. While I have you guys here, where can I enjoy some really good new england clam chowder?

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              Ha! Chowdah's a tough one. Everbody serves it, and everybody has a different idea what makes a good one. Even chowder that starts off okay early in the day, can turn into a gloppy mess after hours in the warmer later in the day. Best news is it's usually relatively cheap, so order it everywhere!

              My personal feeling is that flour has no business anywhere in a chowder, and too many lazy cooks use it in abundance. The "award winning" Captain Parkers' chowder, which has won many competitions, is one of the worst chowders anywhere (and it is sold EVERYWHERE) It's just a thick, floury, tastelss mess. Sady, they aren't alone.

              Two places that stand out for consistantly excellent chowder is McGrath's Saoon, and Seaside Pub on Main, both in Hyannis. Nice flavor. Not too thinck. And rich in clams. Also, you can get a cup or bowl to go on the cheap at Lambert's Fruit on 28 in Centerville. It's good if you get it early in the batch ( ie: Hasn't been warming all day). Also a great place to pick up excellent sandwiches, fruits and veggies for the beach or at home.

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                  You're welcome! I should mention, though, that although the two places I mentioned for providing very good chowder, the rest of their food is nothing worth going out of your way for. Don't get me wrong, they each have fairly priced, decent fare, just nothing that is too special and worth a meal when you have limited time in a long weekend. I do, however, recommend them highly to those on extended stays or locals looking for fairly priced, good pub food or family fare.

                  Lamberts is a solid rec if your are beaching it, or putting together a picnic lunch.

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                    Just realized a lot of the places you gave me are all around Dennis, now you wouldn't be partial to that area, would you? LOL

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                      It's where I grew up, but I've lived in Yarmouthport and now West Barnstable, so my interests are certainly centered Mid-Cape. It's a coincidence that Dennis is mentioned often, though. Yarmouth has little that's worthwhile, although Inaho on Rte 6A has excellent upscale sushi. Barnstable Village's only worthwhile stop is The Dolphin, although Matakeese Wharf is wonderful for it's setting, just don't eat there, Have a drink and a cup of chowder maybe. Hyannis has a couple of worthy places, do a search and you'll find plenty of discussion. But Centerville has nothing really. There's plenty down Cape all the way to PTown. And a few great options in Mashpee and Falmouth. But there's only so much you can sample on a long weekend, and traffic is a nightmare for the uninitiated who don't know the back roads (or the secret tunnel) that you'd spend all your time in stop and go agony if I told you to go to Blackfish in Truro, or HangarB in Chatham for b'fast, both of which are indeed wonderful.

                      Edit: I'm under the impression you're here for the weekend. If it's a full week then you should definitely expand to further reaches and get to Chatham and Ptown.

                      1. re: CapeCodGuy

                        We are driving up the morning of July 4th and then leaving saturday morning for a day in Boston(or back down to Mass for some antique shops in New Bedford). What do you think the traffic will be like on the 4th? I know route 28 can get rough during the season, I have been ther ein the past and it was nasty.

                        1. re: javaandjazz

                          All the major traffic will be leaving the Cape on the 4th, so if you're coming on Cape it should be okay. those looking to get over the bridge heading north can expect waits of 2-4 hours depending on the time of day. And yes, best to avoid 28 no matter what the day on-season.

                          Edit; The 4th falls on a Wed this year I see. So no long weekend will mean the traffic will be slightly mitigated leaving the Cape that day. Coming on Cape, you'll be sharing the road with the day-trippers. Hard to say how busy.

            2. We like the Five Bays Bistro in Osterville and Bleu in Mashpee Commons . Also in Osterville Fancy's is great for sandwiches.

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                Nice recs AGM. I'll add Bistro36 in Mashpee at the Roche Bros. plaza. We've had both a nice lunch and very nice dinner there. Good steak frittes and lobster on pasta. They make all their own pasta and breads in house. Upscale, contemporary 'urban' like atmosphere.

                1. re: CapeCodGuy

                  I made a reservation at The Red Pheasant for dinner on the 4th. Thanks. Maybe get to Ocean House one night and then somewhere in Ptown for dinner another night.

                  1. re: javaandjazz

                    Read or search the board for down Cape recs. Phelana has posted on many of the best options in Welfleet, Truro, and Ptown. Honestly, there are at least 3 times the options for excellent dining than exists in the entire rest of the Cape.

                  2. re: CapeCodGuy

                    CCG, have you been to Bistro lately? If not, a recent review might be in order. I have heard some not so nice things recently from 3 colleagues and a former employee. I wanted to try it based on your rec but might wait to see if they iron things out..

                    1. re: phelana

                      Ann, sorry I only have the single lunch sampling. What were your colleagues issues? As I stated, service had a few issues, but we really enjoyed the food. I hope they get it right as it was one of the better options for Main Street, both in the room, and the food quality/prep.

                      Edit: Oops! I think you were asking about Bistro36 in Mashpee and not Bistrot du Soleil at the old Harry's in Hyannis. My previous comments relate to the latter. It's been 4-5 weeks since we last had dinner at Bistro36. Dinner was excellent as was the service. I'd be sorry to hear of any slippage in either.

                2. Long pants or nice shorts and shirts at Red Pheasant and The Mews? Thanks!

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                    Either works. Few places on the Cape will turn you away for being too casual. I prefer dress slacks when fine dining, but that's just me. One sees all manner of garb these days, from shorts and flip flops, to jackets, to everything in between.

                    1. re: CapeCodGuy

                      Thanks. I like slacks myself but it's been too hot lately. I won't go as low as a t-shirt though!