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Jun 14, 2012 08:18 AM

Adonis Downtown?

Fingers crossed that this rumor turns out to be true.

"Marie-Claude Bacon, a spokesperson for Metro, confirmed that the retailer would be opening a supermarket on the ground floor of the three phase, 477-unit condo project, but wouldn’t say whether it would be an Adonis store. "

With an IGA, Provigo and SuperC within walking distance from this location, it wouldn't make sense to open a Metro.. The proximity to Westmount and the ethnically diverse neighborhood, an Adonis outlet would fit perfectly. Only issue I can see would be parking...

This would create some serious competition for PA and Mourilatos though.

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  1. I don't know how happy I would be with a smaller Adonis.

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    1. re: hala

      half of the adonis is crap found in any grocery store

        1. re: catroast

          Indeed and on top of that more and more groceries (small or chains) carry a small selection of ethnic foods.

        2. re: hala

          This location will also be more costly to operate. I wonder if prices will be higher in this location or if they'll be increased chain-wide to maintain profit levels.

          1. re: C70

            Metro's Adonis is not what it use to be. Sadly their fruits quality which was amazing is sadly becoming mediocre. What's left is their marinated and meat quality. Let's hope it stays that way.


          2. Just went shopping there, I'm actually quite excited about the new Adonis. It's smaller but still has a decent footprint, it really adds a lot to the shopping and food options downtown.

            The takeout counter has most of the deli options from the original store, some of which is pretty good and healthy Mediterranean fare, like the stuffed zucchini, the eggplant moussaka, tabouleh and the grilled butterflied chicken. One apparent problem though is that the counter was full at 9:30am, which means that it's more geared towards lunch than dinner, I'm not sure how fresh this is all going to stay by evening time... But at least we now have a very good option for a good, cheap and healthy takeout lunch in the area.

            I've noticed that the quality of the baclavas is up a bit, they've narrowed the gap (a bit) with the stars of the genre in Montreal (Bohsali and Mahrouse), but the maamools (Lebanese specialty, a bit similar to Mexican wedding cookies but bigger and stuffed with nuts or date) are still not great (much better than the packaged stuff you get at other markets though).

            There are some good mainstays that are well worth getting, like the homemade smoothies ($3 for a half liter, strawberry, avocado or mango, much better than mass-produced, some of the packaged desserts like the caraway pudding (brown, topped with coconut shavings). There are also several items in their products line that are either hard to find or that they offer cheaper than elsewhere.

            Ever since Adonis was taken over by Metro did result in gradually higher prices and a decline in produce quality, it's a bit more like Sami Fruits now (with higher prices). For instance, a box of labneh (Cedar or Phoenicia, pretty good stuff actually, I forgot the brand name) goes there for $5.25, it's only $4 at Al-Mizan on De Maisoneuve & St Mathieu and somewhere in between at the PA. But still, there are many good items, and this is going to make for more diversity and competition in the area.

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            1. re: MTLjam

              Went there last night, and PA still beats the prices for vegetables and fruit. There are interesting specialties like the mini zatar pies. But PA is still my first choice.

              1. re: naturelle

                I didn't compare the items of many prices, but it felt like Adonis had some pretty regular big chain prices.

                I was quite amazed at their deli though.They carried your typical Schneiders and Mastro/Casa Italia fake capicola, and they also had a big variety of dry cured cold cuts imported from Italy from the Fumagalli brand. I haven't stepped into an Adonis in a very long time since I don't have a car and I've lived closed to the city center for a while now, so I don't know if this is something available at the other locations but it's nice to have some great salume options without having to resort to the Atwater market. It was the only supermarket I've found so far that carried coppa/capicola that was just cured and not cooked unlike the Fantino brand.

                1. re: Ghostquatre

                  They've been carrying fumagalli in their other locations for a year now.

            2. Little over two months since the opening, here are some of my findings:

              -the deli corner is, by and large, quite good.

              The grilled butterflied chicken is pretty good, served in a pita with garlic sauce. A lot of the dishes though are reaches, especially the ones that are "ethnic" but not middle eastern, like the paella or some Asian-style dishes.

              Some dishes are very good, yesterday they had roasted quails on a bed of frikeh mixed with rice (see Damas thread for more about frikeh). Another very good dish was the stuffed eggplant in tomato sauce, which they don't have very often.

              They have stuffed zucchini and grapeleaves almost every day, it's not bad if you can get them fresh enough, labour-intensive dishes at reasonable prices.

              The salads are, by and large, quite good. The shawarma and shish taouk sandwiches are not as good as at Abou Elias (local reference) but they are better than what you'd find at say, Amir.

              -The dessert counter:

              The ma'mouls are actually quite good, better than on opening day. Still not perfect, but quite decent.

              Baklavas: also not as good at say Mahrouse, but much better than prepackaged items sold at other markets.

              The cakes suffer a bit from the same issues as the "ethnic" fare in the deli counter, it's a bit outside the realm of middle eastern cuisine, so it's a bit uneven, but still much better than what you'd find at other supermarkets but not as good as what you'd get from a French patisserie.


              The arugula ($1) is consistently excellent, you can't really find it's equivalent at other markets or chains. The ones at PA are usually wilted shrubbery tightly wrapped in a Styrofoam package (kind of a personal quibble with the PA, that tendency to use wasteful packages for their groceries).

              Some interesting exotic fare, like imported raw pistachios in their soft shell or cherimyas, those were good, but pricy.

              By and large, Adonis is a very good addition to the downtown food scene if you know how to navigate its fare.

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              1. re: MTLjam

                I go to the PA on Parc, and I've never seen their arugula packaged thus - always just in a bunch, and usually good (though these days, I buy it at Jean-Talon Market). The foods do seem more "packaged" at the Fort branch (which I've only been to twice).

                I definitely want to cook some frikeh...

              2. Am hitting the prepared food counter today for lunch. Any favourites?

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                1. re: meagain

                  everything at their counter is decent, nothing is great. eat with your eyes.

                  1. re: meagain

                    One time there was a filet of sole with rice-this was rather tasty, but i never saw it again. The grilled vegetables were way too oily.

                    1. re: meagain

                      Not a fan of the hot food counter. The "paella" is kinda bland and the potatoes lack crispness. For me, the grilled chicken and shish taouk are the best choices.

                      1. re: Jay123

                        Shish taouk was the blandest I've ever tasted (including budget places). Side salads were fresh but uninspired.

                      2. re: meagain

                        Their crepes with the cheese filling and pistachios (first fridge on the right next the then entrance) are great. I really like their muhammara kibbe and some of their meat in dough small bites (half moon) and the fried cheese rolls. I frequently get that for hors d'oeuvres when I have people over if I don't plan early enough and make my own.