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Jun 14, 2012 07:22 AM

Light casual meal near Milford Michigan?

On Saturday of Father's Day weekend we will be at Kensington Metropark for a graduation party and after that we'd like to go somewhere in the area for a Father's Day celebration. We're looking for a light meal or dessert so somewhere that has good appetizer/small plate selections and/or great desserts. Outdoor seating and a good beer selection would be a plus. We'll be very casually dressed coming from the park. Thanks!

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  1. The Bar. It's a little south of the super congested part of Main Street. 224 S Main. Outdoor seating avail, good scratch made breakfast lunch and dinner(?). Tried it for the first time 2 weeks ago, VERY surprised. This would be my pick.

    Milford House is pretty popular, but I think the location/patio has a lot to do with their success. Food is nothing special. You will probably wait an hour or so for a table if the weather is nice.

    There is a new crepe shop on Main St that would prob be good for dessert. Very casual. Not sure of their hours. Lots of tables.

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      Thanks, that looks like exactly what I'm looking for!

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        I've been in The Bar, but have as of yet been able to patronize it. I stopped by too late one night in hopes that the kitchen was still going to be open (I'd heard very good things about it), and unfortunately, I was too late. Front door was open (by mistake, I believe), and I walked in and the place was dead empty, and I had to look for the somewhat startled bartendress.

        After she realized that I wasn't there to rob, rape, or pillage, she was only too happy to tell me about the food there, the hours they keep, etc. I took a look at the menu, and I've got to say it: the items on the menu don't sound like anything impressive at all, but I was assured that they do care quite a bit about their food, and they offer nightly specials which sounded impressive.

        If nothing else, I was impressed by the service that was offered on an impromptu basis, and I look forward to getting back there when the kitchen's open.