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Jun 14, 2012 06:42 AM

What's good lately? Italian / Seafood focus

I'm looking for some birthday dinner suggestions. My wife is leaning towards some seafood options with a preference on Italian. Reservations are a plus. I haven't been out as much lately and have not been keeping up with Chowhound reviews, so I'm wondering if there are any new spots I should check out.

A seafood risotto would be great. She still talks about the risotto she got at La Campania a while back.


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  1. My homies tells me that Il Casale in Belmont has some righteous chow.

    1. Scampo is currently doing a crab risotto. Harvest is doing a rock shrimp risotto at the bar (have not tried theirs yet). Cognac bistro usually does a seafood paella.

        1. re: barleywino

          We decided to go back to La Campania. No risotto but they had a lobster ravioli on the menu that my wife wanted to try, but were out of lobster...bummer. Great meal anyway. We split the fig and duck pizza as an app. She got the gnocchi and I had the pork chop. Both very well done. Good wine, good service.

        2. Had the seafood risotto last night, terrific preparation with heirloom tomato and fresh sweet corn. Wifey had the veal saltimbocca, rich and lovely, & plenty to bring home. Terrific olive bread and saucers of olive oil to begin. The appetizers are $$ and really good. Tried the zucchini blossoms, foie gras, and the carpaccio. Yes, dessert too - chocolate souffle & the peach cobbler (the favorite). Charming vibe inside, looking forward to a return visit.