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Jun 14, 2012 06:33 AM

Dessert (cheesecake) and digestifs in the West Village or Chelsea

Hello, I'm looking for a place to take my husband after his birthday dinner at Olive Garden (seriously - don't ask - he requested it) for dessert and a drink or two. Cheesecake and tiramisu are his favorites. Looking for someplace a *bit* more atmospheric than Olive Garden to complete his birthday. We would be fine to sit at the bar where some friends could meet us. How are the desserts at Buvette (I know they don't have cheesecake), Minetta Tavern or Cafe Cluny?

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  1. The desserts are great at Minetta Tavern (that souffle!) but the bar is typically pretty crowded.

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      Hm..maybe we'll give that a shot and hope for the best on a Tuesday night?

    2. Buvette has very homey desserts. They're likable. It could be difficult to get into at peak hours, as well, though, even on a Tuesday.

      Have you been to La Lanterna di Vittorio? It's close to Minetta Tavern (a few blocks north on Macdougal St.). The space is really pleasant and romantic with a covered garden area in the back and fireplaces inside that are lit in the winter. They won't be winning awards for the food, but the desserts are competent and likable. IIRC, they have both cheesecake and tiramisu. There's a good selection of digestifs. Maybe it would suit.

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        Minetta will be impossible to squeeze in. Maybe a place like Cafe Dante, or not sure if Cafe Reggio is still there. Kind of old fashioned Italian Cafe . Rocco's has good dessert but no atmosphere.