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Jun 14, 2012 05:46 AM

Pigs trotters & cheeks

I have 4 trotters and 4 cheeks. Any suggestions for a recipe?

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  1. Cheeks, braise them and make a ragu. Or braise till tender, cool, cut into bite size pieces, bread them, and make nuggets.

    trotters can go a couple ways. But braise or cook in a court boullion until tender. Cool it, and then possiblities are endless, you could grill them, debone and make a roulade or use them in a stew. Also if you have access to a smoker, you can smoke them too.

    1. Great recipe for the cheeks here:

      Although, it's a heck of an amount of honey which we cut down to just a couple of tablespoons.

        1. I had some pork cheeks last year and couldn't find a recipe I liked so I ended up winging it braising them in chicken stock and hard cider with sweet potatoes, leeks, carrots and celery with a little fresh ginger. It turned out pretty great.

          1. Google "Kocsonya" and you will get various recipes for Hungarian pork aspic. You have the exact base for this dish and it's not that hard to make. I don't see it pointed it out in the few hits I read, but use very little or no salt, else the broth will not set.