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Jun 14, 2012 12:57 AM

BELLE ISLE SEAFOOD- Such Conflicting Reports! What About Yours?

Have never been here but a recent brief CH mention has me considering it. But most recent CH threads are from 2011 and back, and they are leaving me very hesitant. For every dish w/ a CH yay, i seem to have found quite a few nays. I'd really appreciate current opinions about the lobster roll, the fried clams, the stuffed clams, the bulk lobster meat, the chowder, the onion rings.The Clam Box, Ipswich, is where we typically go for clams and Neptune Oyster for the lobster roll.( And All Star has our fav. onion rings.) Quantity is not our goal; Flavor is! Thanks much.

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  1. did not think much of the fried clams

    1. I've been only once because it is somewhat out of the way - the fried seafood I had was very good. But that was a couple of years ago.

      I think you should invest $20 to bring us up to speed. ;)

      1. It's not as far away from Boston as Ipswich is. So, as is the case with any restaurant, you can choose to believe some or none of the reviews, and then go decide for yourself. I don't recommend using anonymous internet comments as the definitive source for whether something is good or not, and there's plenty of misleading praise on this board for sure.

        1. Been going for years, and within the past several months. If your're looking for a nice sit down place BI is not for you. BI is small, with limited counter style seats along the inside wall of the building. If it's crowded inside, I opt to eat in my car. Their seafood is fresh, reasonable, cooked to order and very good, they also have a respectable lobster roll and daily specials. The offer soft drinks and water for purchase. One pet minor peive I have, if you want extra tarter sauce, depending who's working, they'll charge you for it. It doesn't stop me from going as their prices are quite affordable. Hope this helps, just as an aside, I've had a really good fried seafood plate, their Clasical Limono Plate, that will easily feed 2, at Rincon Limone in Eastie, they got frying mastered. Definately worth trying.

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            I've posted before that I think they have the best lobster roll around, both in terms if quality and value. I don't eat too much fried food, so I can't comment too much on that. The rings are good, but I have never ordered the fried seafood.

            Treb is right, it is definitely not a sit down place and they are a bit inflexible. Every time ordering the lobster roll the convo is the same:
            BI: fries, rings or slaw
            Me: nothing on the side thanks (knowing they won't wrap it seperate and I don't want grease or liquid from the slaw all over the rolls when I get home)
            BI: same price so you might as well get something
            Me: well can you give me the orders of slaw (rings, etc) on the side?
            BI: nope (said like a dick)

            A nice way to do BI is to hop over to Coughlin Park a few minutes away in Winthrop and eat the rolls at a picnic table. If you are lucky you will be under the flight path for plane peeping. The park is close enough that I can get my side without it spoiling the roll.

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              I think you meant Coughlin Park in Winthrop.

              1. re: treb

                Yah, edited, just a small difference between Winthrop and Winchester!

              2. re: Gabatta

                We usually walk over to Constitution Beach. Not a long walk, maybe a mile or so?

            2. Eat there about a 1/2 dozen times a year. Wife loves the lobster roll. No filler with nice big chunks of lobster meat. I lean towards the fried haddock sandwich. If you lean towards eating in or near the car, now that they have parking in the back you might get yourself a spot right by the water.