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Jun 14, 2012 12:21 AM

Malay Asian Express in Fremont (and Alameda too)

On my way to Chaat Bhavan, I noticed Malay Asian Express in the same strip mall. Poking my head in, the place was pretty empty at dinner hour. The young man behind the counter said I could taste anything off the steam table before deciding. Some of the selections had started to look pretty sad from sitting too long, but I was told that if I didn’t mind waiting, anything could be cooked fresh to order. I tried four or five items and there was a notable sweetness to most of them. Best were the beef rendang and a chicken curry. They’re cooked with traditional palm oil using halal meats. Not so interested in buying anything, I started to head to the door, then he said that the roti parathas are made from scratch, not frozen. The “express” concept seemed to have fallen away, but I was still curious.

Since the most expensive combo is only $5.99 for two entrees and a side, I decided to make the investment and take one for the chow-team. I picked beef rendang, nasi goreng and roti paratha with curry sauce. The nasi goreng and roti were made to order.

This turned out to be a big portion of food. Nasi goreng, not so tasty. Beef rendang was pretty good with tender, non-stringy cubes of meat and medium-spicy coconut gravy. But best item was the roti, crispy on the outside, many-layered and satisfyingly chewy. The accompanying sauce comes from the curry chicken dish, and while a touch sweet, had nice depth of flavor.

Not a place I’ll rush back to, but the roti paratha was good and I’d happily eat it again.

Malay Asian Express

5379 Mowry Ave
Fremont . CA 94538
PH: 510 - 795 1825
FAX: 510 - 795 1842
1363 Park Street
Alameda. CA 94501
PH: 510 - 748 9734
FAX: 510 - 748 9743

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  1. came across the Fremont location when they opened. samples freely given, when i heard almost everyone speaking tagalog (language of the phillipines), the authencity of this place became an issue so i left.

    tried the alameda location.
    -found the egg rolls, samosa, and chicken curry made of cheap ingredients and not that flavorful.
    -was shorted one egg roll.
    -given sauce to egg roll when they were supposed to charge for it.
    -tagalog spoken here also.

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    1. re: shanghaikid

      Tagalog is a Malay language. I took another look at the website and see that it refers to the Malay archipelago. But the new verbiage on the right hand side does say "taste of Malaysia" referring to the specific country. So mixed messages.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        just came back from alameda. alameda window's all papered over. sign on front:
        "closed for remodeling".

        1. re: shanghaikid

          I went to the Fremont location in March, so who knows, it could be closed by now too. The website is working.

    2. Gosh. There are so many new restaurants on Park St. I haven't been able to keep up!