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Jun 13, 2012 08:21 PM

iso eats around yonge and davisville...

just moved to the area....i searched but all the posts were relatively old...looking for recommendations for everything, cheap to pricey...i love pretty much anything that's edible and made with a little love...but i do tend to favour japanese, good chinese (especially northern stuff), dim sum, middle eastern, sandwich type stuff, veal sandwiches, a few healthy options and anything else noteworthy, oh, and burgers but i've found holy chuck and it's close enough to the neighbourhood....


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  1. There's a nice stretch of options between Davisville and Eg: Tabule for middle eastern. Quince for contemporary/European (with Indonesian snacks between 5-7 for happy hour), a great gelato place 2 doors down from Quince, 5 Doors North for casual Italian, La Bamboche for not-bad macarons.

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      I agree with TorontoJo that there are great options in that area. Tabule, Quince, 5 Doors North, Cava, Zee Grill, and Didier are my favourites. La Bambouche is another favourite when I get a sugar craving. As for Japanese, there are tons of middle of the road ones in the area. I wouldn't say any of them are great but Sushi Supreme is one of the better ones in the area.

      They used to have a great little dim sum place at Yonge and Eg but I think they moved sadly :(

    2. If you like Nothern Chinese, make sure to try C'est Bon on Yonge. Great dumplings and Szechuan favorites like Crispy Ginger Beef.

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        Just to be clear for nevrenuf, C'est Bon is probably better classified as Canadian Chinese and is fine for what it is (hey, they deliver to my house!) but is not exactly great Chinese cuisine, from any region.

        1. re: TorontoJo

          Agree that C'est Bon is difficult to classify.....Cdn Chinese might be the closest. However I also agree with Stephen that the place is worthwhile to try if in the Davisville/ Yonge area. I enjoyed my singular visit a few months ago and suspect an eat in experiece would differ from their mainstay take out business. Not a place for the RH Chinese food lovers crowd though.

          1. re: T Long

            Good point. Like I said, I do get delivery from them pretty regularly. Their dry sauteed green beans and several other dishes often hit the spot.

            1. re: TorontoJo

              I only visited C'est Bon once, and once was more than enough for me :-)

              In fairness, at most of these types of places, it's all about ordering the dishes they do well, because even my favorite Canuck-Chinese joint does some things really well and others are entirely forgettable.

              Unfortunately, on our visit to C'est Bon, we must have ordered the latter type of dishes, as we barely touched our meal and fled, surprised that this place has managed to survive.

              1. re: TorontoTips

                Yeah, some of the dishes are pretty bad. I've learned which ones satisfy my craving for homestyle chinese food (surprisingly decent mushu pork, the green beans, general tsao's chicken for my husband) and which to avoid (most of the noodle dishes, the terrible "kung pao" chicken, etc.).

                1. re: TorontoJo

                  we're going here tonight, glad to see these recommendations! any other must-haves (or must-not-haves)?

                  1. re: smartygirl

                    Probably too late, but I also like the Taiwanese rice vermicelli -- very home style. Let us know what your experience was like!

                    1. re: TorontoJo

                      actually not too late; our plans got messed with, so we'll go this friday instead. will definitely report back!

                      1. re: smartygirl

                        ok, we went last night, your recommendations were spot on, including to avoid the noodle dishes.

                        my husband got the cantonese seafood chow mein which had lots of seafood which made him happy, but the sauce was all corn starch and nothing else, the the noodles were gummed up with it - we got the shrimps, almonds, & veg for the kiddo, which had lots of shrimp, nice fresh crisp veg, and the same bland gluey sauce - but that was ok for him since he's 5.

                        i got the mu shu pork which was good and the dry cooked green beans with ground chicken which were excellent - nice and gingery. yum. never would have thought to order that without your recommendation, thanks!

                        1. re: smartygirl

                          I'm glad you reported back on your experience! As you can see, it's a real mixed bag. I do think that you have to have the patience to try a bunch of different dishes to see what they do well, and what suits your taste. But they do enough well that they were my go to for delivery for years.

      2. From what I understand Lil' Baci just opened yesterday. East side of Yonge a few blocks north of Eglinton

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        1. re: Baelsette

          thanks all!!! keep 'em coming....looking forward to trying some out...

          @ nevy - i think the dim sum place you're talking about was cha liu...i used to go with me ex years ago, it was amazing, but then ownership changed, prices went up, size and quality went down and i haven't been for about 6 years....i literally just found out about the new location so i'll have to give them another shot -

          1. re: nevrenuf

            Yes that's the place I was thinking of! I used to go there ages ago as well but since I moved from Yonge and Eg, I haven't been there a while. I'll have to try their new location.

          2. re: Baelsette

            Lil' Baci is actually south of Eglinton, at the corner of Glebe and Yonge (a block south of Manor). There's also a new coffee shop about to open in the store just south of Lil' Baci. It's called, 'Rachel's' I think.

          3. Closer to Eglinton: Lola for Japanese/Korean, Mariachis is not bad Mexican, Fresh Ginger is dirt cheap Vietnamese.

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            1. Agree with many of the recs here. I've also been meaning to give a shout out to The Butcher's Son, a nice newish butcher shop in the 'hood. They have some prepared foods as well as some tasty focaccia (I think from 5 Doors North) and they also make different sandwiches to order, including a very credible porchetta served with a great herbed mayo and the the option of spicy rapini. Very friendly service.

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              1. re: peppermint pate

                Of those mentioned above, my favourites are Tabule (one of the better Middle East restos in Toronto) and Quince, both of which offer consistency, some imagination and good value - and both, incidentally, charge no corkage on bring-your-own wine Mondays and Tuesdays. I'm surprised, though, that no one has mentioned Zucca yet. So I will. First-rate modern Italian fare on Yonge St. a couple blocks south of Eglinton Ave. A tad pricey, but, in my view, worth it. I've never had much luck with the Chinese at C'est Bon, but it's certainly acceptable for the neighbourhood,and you'll probably do better than I did once you figure out which dishes on its voluminous menu that it does best. For better Chinese, you'll simply have to drive further north.

                1. re: juno

                  I also wasn't happy with C'est Bon. The night I ordered take-out, it looked like the prep cook wasn't paying attention to any of the veggies he was prepping. I realize C'est Bon isn't upscale dining, but I still don't want to be cutting blemishes and spots off cooked vegetables once I get home. Maybe one of the Chinese Canadian take-out restos on Mt Pleasant or Bayview between Eglinton and Davisville is another option.

                  The dumpling place on the 2nd floor of Delisle Court (just north of St. Clair) might be another decent option for Chinese food relatively closer to Davisville.

                  1. re: prima

                    There is a sushi restaurant just south of Davisville on Yonge which has decent sushi. I haven't been for a long time, but I recall the soba noodle dishes being nice as well. It's next to the Bull and Firkin pub. Kramer's does brunch on the weekends. I also recommend Zucca. It was quite good when I ate there on a busy Saturday evening in the winter.

                    1. re: 1sweetpea

                      thanks again everyone! i've been to a few of these places...the butcher's son has bacon flavoured mayo...i've yet to try it...but i will...i've also been to the japanese spot just south of davisville...a few years back but it was good....

                      what about mt. pleasant & davisville, i've seen a lot there, including what looked to be a decent fish and chips spot...any input??

                      1. re: nevrenuf

                        You're doubtless referring to Penrose Fish and Chips, on the west side of Mount Pleasant Rd. north of Davisville. It's good. A family-run joint, it has been around for decades, which is about as long as I've been going (on and off). Locally popular. Properly fried halibut, and tasty fries that, I was assured some years ago, are cut from fresh potatoes every morning. Some offbeat soft drinks.

                        1. re: juno

                          Penrose has a lot of haters on Chow, but personally, I like their old-school take on Fish & Chips. I also like that their F&C is browned and tasty vs. anaemic and white, which seems to be gaining in popularity among many folks of late.

                          My only knock against Penrose is shockingly small portions, especially for the price (and especially when Mom is serving instead of the sons) so if you are light eater you may be happy. OR you can order fish & chips, but specify a large order of chips - which is closer to what most places typically serve.

                          1. re: TorontoTips

                            I think Penrose's biggest problem is that it's a 5-minute drive from Olde Yorke Fish and Chips over on Laird. Penrose is quite good, but Olde Yorke is excellent. I always drive to OY, even though I'm a 2-minute walk from Penrose.

                        2. re: nevrenuf

                          Debu's Nouvelle Indian Cuisine at 552 Mt Pleasant has delicious fusion Indian food.

                          1. re: kellybobo

                            i've seen both of those...they both looked good and debu's smelled awesome.

                            if no one's got any more rec's...i have one more question....what's the best ayce sushi in the area?? i can travel a couple blocks in any direction (i still drive to scarborough for ten ichi occasionally), i've been to haru on yonge and sakae on mt. pleasant...they were both pretty good but with minimal selection....

                            1. re: nevrenuf

                              I also like Grano + Simply Italian gelato on Yonge.

                          2. re: nevrenuf

                            If you're looking at Mt Pleasant and Davisville, I'd suggest Thai Spicy House. It's not the most authentic place but for the prices, it's pretty great. It's affordable, great warm friendly service, and the curries are pretty tasty. I'd suggest any of the curries with the green curries being my favourite.