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iso eats around yonge and davisville...

just moved to the area....i searched but all the posts were relatively old...looking for recommendations for everything, cheap to pricey...i love pretty much anything that's edible and made with a little love...but i do tend to favour japanese, good chinese (especially northern stuff), dim sum, middle eastern, sandwich type stuff, veal sandwiches, a few healthy options and anything else noteworthy, oh, and burgers but i've found holy chuck and it's close enough to the neighbourhood....


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  1. There's a nice stretch of options between Davisville and Eg: Tabule for middle eastern. Quince for contemporary/European (with Indonesian snacks between 5-7 for happy hour), a great gelato place 2 doors down from Quince, 5 Doors North for casual Italian, La Bamboche for not-bad macarons.

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      I agree with TorontoJo that there are great options in that area. Tabule, Quince, 5 Doors North, Cava, Zee Grill, and Didier are my favourites. La Bambouche is another favourite when I get a sugar craving. As for Japanese, there are tons of middle of the road ones in the area. I wouldn't say any of them are great but Sushi Supreme is one of the better ones in the area.

      They used to have a great little dim sum place at Yonge and Eg but I think they moved sadly :(

    2. If you like Nothern Chinese, make sure to try C'est Bon on Yonge. Great dumplings and Szechuan favorites like Crispy Ginger Beef.

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        Just to be clear for nevrenuf, C'est Bon is probably better classified as Canadian Chinese and is fine for what it is (hey, they deliver to my house!) but is not exactly great Chinese cuisine, from any region.

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          Agree that C'est Bon is difficult to classify.....Cdn Chinese might be the closest. However I also agree with Stephen that the place is worthwhile to try if in the Davisville/ Yonge area. I enjoyed my singular visit a few months ago and suspect an eat in experiece would differ from their mainstay take out business. Not a place for the RH Chinese food lovers crowd though.

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            Good point. Like I said, I do get delivery from them pretty regularly. Their dry sauteed green beans and several other dishes often hit the spot.

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              I only visited C'est Bon once, and once was more than enough for me :-)

              In fairness, at most of these types of places, it's all about ordering the dishes they do well, because even my favorite Canuck-Chinese joint does some things really well and others are entirely forgettable.

              Unfortunately, on our visit to C'est Bon, we must have ordered the latter type of dishes, as we barely touched our meal and fled, surprised that this place has managed to survive.

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                Yeah, some of the dishes are pretty bad. I've learned which ones satisfy my craving for homestyle chinese food (surprisingly decent mushu pork, the green beans, general tsao's chicken for my husband) and which to avoid (most of the noodle dishes, the terrible "kung pao" chicken, etc.).

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                  we're going here tonight, glad to see these recommendations! any other must-haves (or must-not-haves)?

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                    Probably too late, but I also like the Taiwanese rice vermicelli -- very home style. Let us know what your experience was like!

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                      actually not too late; our plans got messed with, so we'll go this friday instead. will definitely report back!

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                        ok, we went last night, your recommendations were spot on, including to avoid the noodle dishes.

                        my husband got the cantonese seafood chow mein which had lots of seafood which made him happy, but the sauce was all corn starch and nothing else, the the noodles were gummed up with it - we got the shrimps, almonds, & veg for the kiddo, which had lots of shrimp, nice fresh crisp veg, and the same bland gluey sauce - but that was ok for him since he's 5.

                        i got the mu shu pork which was good and the dry cooked green beans with ground chicken which were excellent - nice and gingery. yum. never would have thought to order that without your recommendation, thanks!

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                          I'm glad you reported back on your experience! As you can see, it's a real mixed bag. I do think that you have to have the patience to try a bunch of different dishes to see what they do well, and what suits your taste. But they do enough well that they were my go to for delivery for years.

      2. From what I understand Lil' Baci just opened yesterday. East side of Yonge a few blocks north of Eglinton

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          thanks all!!! keep 'em coming....looking forward to trying some out...

          @ nevy - i think the dim sum place you're talking about was cha liu...i used to go with me ex years ago, it was amazing, but then ownership changed, prices went up, size and quality went down and i haven't been for about 6 years....i literally just found out about the new location so i'll have to give them another shot - http://www.chalaudimsum.com/

          1. re: nevrenuf

            Yes that's the place I was thinking of! I used to go there ages ago as well but since I moved from Yonge and Eg, I haven't been there a while. I'll have to try their new location.

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            Lil' Baci is actually south of Eglinton, at the corner of Glebe and Yonge (a block south of Manor). There's also a new coffee shop about to open in the store just south of Lil' Baci. It's called, 'Rachel's' I think.

          3. Closer to Eglinton: Lola for Japanese/Korean, Mariachis is not bad Mexican, Fresh Ginger is dirt cheap Vietnamese.

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            1. Agree with many of the recs here. I've also been meaning to give a shout out to The Butcher's Son, a nice newish butcher shop in the 'hood. They have some prepared foods as well as some tasty focaccia (I think from 5 Doors North) and they also make different sandwiches to order, including a very credible porchetta served with a great herbed mayo and the the option of spicy rapini. Very friendly service.

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                Of those mentioned above, my favourites are Tabule (one of the better Middle East restos in Toronto) and Quince, both of which offer consistency, some imagination and good value - and both, incidentally, charge no corkage on bring-your-own wine Mondays and Tuesdays. I'm surprised, though, that no one has mentioned Zucca yet. So I will. First-rate modern Italian fare on Yonge St. a couple blocks south of Eglinton Ave. A tad pricey, but, in my view, worth it. I've never had much luck with the Chinese at C'est Bon, but it's certainly acceptable for the neighbourhood,and you'll probably do better than I did once you figure out which dishes on its voluminous menu that it does best. For better Chinese, you'll simply have to drive further north.

                1. re: juno

                  I also wasn't happy with C'est Bon. The night I ordered take-out, it looked like the prep cook wasn't paying attention to any of the veggies he was prepping. I realize C'est Bon isn't upscale dining, but I still don't want to be cutting blemishes and spots off cooked vegetables once I get home. Maybe one of the Chinese Canadian take-out restos on Mt Pleasant or Bayview between Eglinton and Davisville is another option.

                  The dumpling place on the 2nd floor of Delisle Court (just north of St. Clair) might be another decent option for Chinese food relatively closer to Davisville.

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                    There is a sushi restaurant just south of Davisville on Yonge which has decent sushi. I haven't been for a long time, but I recall the soba noodle dishes being nice as well. It's next to the Bull and Firkin pub. Kramer's does brunch on the weekends. I also recommend Zucca. It was quite good when I ate there on a busy Saturday evening in the winter.

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                      thanks again everyone! i've been to a few of these places...the butcher's son has bacon flavoured mayo...i've yet to try it...but i will...i've also been to the japanese spot just south of davisville...a few years back but it was good....

                      what about mt. pleasant & davisville, i've seen a lot there, including what looked to be a decent fish and chips spot...any input??

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                        You're doubtless referring to Penrose Fish and Chips, on the west side of Mount Pleasant Rd. north of Davisville. It's good. A family-run joint, it has been around for decades, which is about as long as I've been going (on and off). Locally popular. Properly fried halibut, and tasty fries that, I was assured some years ago, are cut from fresh potatoes every morning. Some offbeat soft drinks.

                        1. re: juno

                          Penrose has a lot of haters on Chow, but personally, I like their old-school take on Fish & Chips. I also like that their F&C is browned and tasty vs. anaemic and white, which seems to be gaining in popularity among many folks of late.

                          My only knock against Penrose is shockingly small portions, especially for the price (and especially when Mom is serving instead of the sons) so if you are light eater you may be happy. OR you can order fish & chips, but specify a large order of chips - which is closer to what most places typically serve.

                          1. re: TorontoTips

                            I think Penrose's biggest problem is that it's a 5-minute drive from Olde Yorke Fish and Chips over on Laird. Penrose is quite good, but Olde Yorke is excellent. I always drive to OY, even though I'm a 2-minute walk from Penrose.

                        2. re: nevrenuf

                          Debu's Nouvelle Indian Cuisine at 552 Mt Pleasant has delicious fusion Indian food.

                          1. re: kellybobo

                            i've seen both of those...they both looked good and debu's smelled awesome.

                            if no one's got any more rec's...i have one more question....what's the best ayce sushi in the area?? i can travel a couple blocks in any direction (i still drive to scarborough for ten ichi occasionally), i've been to haru on yonge and sakae on mt. pleasant...they were both pretty good but with minimal selection....

                            1. re: nevrenuf

                              I also like Grano + Simply Italian gelato on Yonge.

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                            If you're looking at Mt Pleasant and Davisville, I'd suggest Thai Spicy House. It's not the most authentic place but for the prices, it's pretty great. It's affordable, great warm friendly service, and the curries are pretty tasty. I'd suggest any of the curries with the green curries being my favourite.

                  2. Simple Bistro on Mount Pleasant has delicious offerings. Have also enjoyed Celestin. The Longest Yard does an OK brunch, as does Bread and Butter. If you go a bit further east to Bayview, lots of options including Indian (Kamasutra and Amaya), Thai (Satay on the Road, Lemon Grass), Mexican, two sushi places and many more.

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                      LIving near the Bayview strip, I must say the vast majority of the options are no better than mediocre. The only above average options in my mind are the new L'Avenue (perfectly cooked mussels!) and the stalwart Hollywood Gelato (valhrona chocolate!!!). Amaya and all the Thai options are worse than pedestrian.

                      Mr. Vuitton and I usually head to the Mt Pleasant strip -- Zee Grill has never disappointed, Simple is very good as is Moguette. Don't waste your money at Celestin. Longest Yard is fine as a local pub, as is Granite Brewery. Even McSorley's (TOTAL UTTER DIVE!!!) is fine for a pint and has a good vibe, just don't eat there (or use the bathrooms - yuck)

                      On the Yonge St strip: Quince is great, skip Coquine, Zucca is solid.

                    2. I also like Churrasco Villa at Mt. Pleasant & Eg for portuguese grilled chicken dipped in their buttery hot sauce, served with roast potatoes and/or fresh-cut skinny frites.

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                      1. Welcome to the neighbourhood nevrenuf! I have been living here for about 10 years and have been very happy with the quality of the food options nearby. There are very few restaurants in the neighbourhood that I would deem destination worthy, but there is an abundance of very good neighbourhood spots.

                        Be warned that I don't post often so here is a very long neighbourhood review. By way of background, I am a well travelled and adventurous eater with a preference for full flavoured items and spicy ethnic foods over traditional British comfort foods.

                        I agree with almost all of the earlier posts and have included my take on some of these restaurants and a few good food stores as well as what to order in the summary below:

                        Sushi Supreme: OK quality. I am a sashimi fan and I find many of the pieces to be simply too big. The gindara (marinated black cod) is excellent.

                        C'est Bon: Not bad for chinese takeout. I never would have tried it if not for recomendations on this board. Stick to the recommended items (Moo shu pork, dry fried green beans, etc.) or you will be disappointed.

                        5 Doors North: This has been my go-to spot for a decade. Consistently great food in served in a loud & lively environment. I almost always order the fish special or game special, although this might be the only restaurant in the city where I am happy to order a pork chop.

                        Grano: I have always found the food to be disappointing. On a hot summer evening, however, the back courtyard is magical when enjoying a bottle of white wine.

                        Quince: Very good food in a more subdued environment with an older clientele. For something unique, try out their next Rijstaffel event.

                        Zucca: Excellent food with higher prices than anywhere else in the hood. Known for their baked whole fish, but there are many good options on any given night.

                        Zee Grill: Excellent seafood although the decor is dated. An absolute must have is the seasonal Seafood Succotash served in a mini pumpkin. Only offered in the fall, but definitely worth waiting for.

                        Coquine: Loud and rambunctious. Go for drinks or a surprisingly good weekend brunch. The chicken crepe might fill you up for the rest of the day! Very good an convivial service.

                        The Burger Shack: I know you have already discovered Holy Chuck, but this old school burger joint is a good alternative. Make sure to go for the home burgers versus the frozen patties.

                        Sorn Thai: The best Thai option anywehere nearby. Not always consistent, but the best the neighborhood has to offer. Go for take-out as the environment is pretty sterile. Good choices include the Green Curried Chicken, Mango salad and Spicy beef with eggplant. If you do eat there, be sure to go for the terrific hot & sour soup rather than the generic spring roll. Order some complementary Nam Pla Prik (fish sauce with chillis) to ratchet up the spice level on any dish.

                        The Yonge Seafood Gourmet: High prices, but excellent quality fish monger.

                        The Butcher's Son: Sister store to 5 Doors North. Excellent quality meats and prepared food. The coconut/lime marinated spatchcocked chickens are terrific for BBQ at home. As for prepared sandwiches go for the porchetta & rapini, steak & pepper or whatever Fidel Gastro is offering when he is there.

                        Jaipur Grille: Pretty good Indian fare. We usually prefer. to order take-out from here. Any of the curries can be customized to your spice preference and the cachumber salad is a nice accompaniment.

                        .Gelato Simply Italian: sister to Falasca SPQR. The best gelato in the city and also very good espresso. On the hottest of days go for the very refreshing pompelmo (grapefruit.)

                        Falasca SPQR: Very good daytime pizzas served by weight. Several good options at any time around lunch. I have not found their evening menu to be anywhere close to the same quality so plan for a lunch visit.

                        St Louis: Nothing special, but the best place to watch a big game in the neighbourhood or sweat it out on a full-sun patio.

                        Tabule: Although I still like it, I have found the quality to have declined especially the grilled meats. We often get fresh pitas, taboule & hummous as a take-out option for home dining with any leftover BBQ.

                        La Sulemaria: Expensive, but high quality items. Great for stocking up on high end oils, vinegars an other pantry supplies or getting cheese and cured meats close to home.

                        Balsamico: Pretty good italian. I go here when I want Italian , but want to avoid the bustle and activity of 5 Doors.

                        Places I avoid:

                        Lola's: Underwhelimng food and poor service.

                        Kramer's: Nice rooftop, but bad chainlike food (think Kelsey's or Pickle Barrel) in an independant restaurant.

                        Mariachis: I want to like it, but I have never had anything better than a mediocre meal there.

                        Celestin: Won't go back since Pascal left. Used to be a very worthy fine-dining experience.

                        Almost any chain as it is not what I am seeking for a neighborhood meal.

                        Good luck and please let me know if you uncover anything I have missed or forgotten, especially options on Mount Pleasant. I am familar with Simple and like it.

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                        1. re: Amac

                          Wow, great comprehensive post.

                          Re: Butcher's Son - I'm a new fan of this spot. So is it the same ownership with Five Doors North? I didn't realize that - I guess that explains the tasty FDN focaccias and other goodies.I noticed that coconut lemongrass chicken the other day - I don't typically buy pre-marinated meats but I heard a customer raving about it and I thought I might try it one day.

                          Also, they make their (yummy) porchetta and rapini sandwiches in-house daily. What's the Fidel Gastro connection?

                          1. re: peppermint pate

                            Thanks PP!

                            Yes, I believe Vito from 5 Doors opened it with the son of a butcher that he dealt with, hence the name.

                            That chicken is very good. I typically cook mine using indirect heat on the BBQ for close to an hour. When it is almost time to eat I will put it over the open flame to crisp and char the skin a little more. Delicious!

                            The guy from Fidel Gastro has a regular appearance at The Butcher's Son one or two days of the week. When you stop by next time just ask which days he is there. I had his butter pulled chicken sandwich and it was a nice change from the porchetta.

                          2. re: Amac

                            Fantastic summary Amac. You've covered just about everything and your observations are spot on.

                            It's too bad about Tabule. It was my go-to in the neighbourhood whenever I wanted healthy and tasty. I found out about their downward spiral when I sent friends there recently. The one word review was "awful". They were even served what had to be day old tabule. Do they have new owners or have they just stopped caring?

                            1. re: Googs

                              I had a nice fattoush with chicken at Tabule last Saturday. While I would have liked juicier, riper tomatoes in the fattoush, I was happy with my meal.

                              It's too bad your friends had a bad meal.What did your friends order?

                              The ownership has not changed. I found the service to be as friendly as ever.

                              I don't think they've stopped caring. Maybe it's hit or miss, depending on the night, what you order, and expectations.

                          3. Bamburger is delicious.

                            Plenty of options there for veggies and vegans (i.e., veggie burger, portobello burger) and for those who want to eat healthily.

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                            1. re: MeMeMe

                              wow!! thanks everyone!! especially amac...that was extremely comprehensive...i'm looking forward to eating...burger shack is def noteworthy, even if it is a bit of hike/drive, i've been there quite a few times...

                              I know i said it was done with questions...but...since we stepped outside of the neighbourhood...i'm curious where the closest, good, bahn mi, pho, dim sum and awesome veal sandwich (read: freshly fired, not hot table) are?? i had the veal sandwich at the butcher's son as wasn't overly impressed....but that was just veal...i'll be back to sample some other ones soon....

                              1. re: nevrenuf

                                I think the closest good freshly-fried veal sandwich would be found at Ciccio Sanwiccio on Yonge north of Lawrence. It closes fairly early. It usually takes me around 30-35 minutes to walk from Davisville to Ciccio.

                                Some of the Italian delis north of Eglinton (there's one close to Caffe Latte coffee shop and Noah's, and another one closer to Sporting Life) also serve veal sandwiches, but I haven't tried any of them.

                                I realize La Salumeria was already mentioned above- that's a great place for Italian cold cuts, cheeses and sandwiches (filled with their cold cuts or cheeses).

                                I wouldn't bother with pho or banh mi near Yonge + Davisville. There is a newish, upscale Vietnamese place on Eglinton closer to Bathurst that I haven't tried. I'd think the decent Gerrard St restos might be slightly closer than the Vietnamese options on Spadina, Wilson, Dundas W, St.Clair W, etc., but it might be just as quick to take the St Clair streetcar west to a decent place on St. Clair W.

                                I think the closest good dim sum would be at Dynasty in Yorkville. It's a downhill walk, which shouldn't take more than 40 minutes. :-)

                                1. re: prima

                                  for anyone else in the area...even though i'm sure you probably already know...this is next week - http://www.mountpleasantvillage.ca/in...

                                  1. re: prima

                                    Halong Bay is the Vietnamese place. I've been twice for bahn mi at lunch, using a Groupon Now coupon. Really delicious.

                                    1. re: prima

                                      Yes, Ciccio Sanwiccio is a winner in the fresh fried veal sandwich sweepstakes. Prima recommended it in a previous thread, if I recall, and I tried it last week. Satisfying. On a tasty Calabrese roll, $5.75. Add fried peppers ($1) and fried onions (50 cents) and you've got a good lunch. It's a fast food joint, but very well executed. Other sandwiches, pastas, salads and soups. You order at the cash, pay, and they bring it to your table. And they carry San Pellegrino soft drinks ($2), as any self-respecting Italian sandwich shop should. Casual but agreeable service.

                                      1. re: juno

                                        Glad you liked it, Juno!
                                        I had an eggplant parm sandwich yesterday. Eggplant parm sandwich and a Brio came to $8.76- a little less than my double cheeseburger with no drink at Burger's Priest ($9.04 IIRC). I liked my eggplant parm, but generally prefer their veal and chicken parm sandwiches.

                                        Very happy Ciccio is in the Yonge & Lawrence neighbourhood.

                                2. 'Lil Baci just opened up. Authentic Neopolitan Pizza

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                                  1. re: kwass

                                    awesome...just read the review....but i didn't see anything about a wood burning oven and the image of pizza i saw looked like it was baked in a a non-wood oven....still looks amazing...i'm drooling at work...

                                    1. re: nevrenuf

                                      just had a porchetta sandwich at the butcher's son, it was pretty damn good...also had gelato accross the street....can't wait to get to more places....

                                      1. re: nevrenuf

                                        I had a good first experience at 'Lil Baci. Nice pizza, good atmosphere, typical early-day service glitches, but I'll definitely be back. I'll second the rec's for Quince, Zucca, Zee Grill, Bamburger (good trendy burger place) and Burger Shack's homeburgers (great classic burger place), as well as Coquine (esp for brunch).

                                        Other recs that haven't made the list:

                                        I really like Mariachi's for Mexican - their guac is fresh and simple and their chicken mole is fantastic (so much so that I keep getting stuck on it and haven't really worked my way through the menu).

                                        For sushi, Sushi Kai, with three caveats: (1) it's on Eglinton near Redpath, so a bit of a trek from Davisville, (2) not AYCE, (3) they've started running a lot of groupon/coupon nights when they get jam-packed and the sushi and service quality decline significantly when I accidentally stumble on those nights. On the plus side though: good fish, generous servings, and an excellent selection of nicely executed traditional sushi and creative rolls.

                                    2. This just opened up, but rather than eats it's a coffee shop: http://www.blogto.com/cafes/rachels-c... ..

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                                      1. re: jennjen18

                                        I've been watching that place, but didn't realize that it had opened. Other than Bulldog on Eg, east of Yonge, there is a distinct lack of indie coffee places. Bulldog has very good coffee, but is such a sterile place that it seems to be fairly empty most of the time. I hope Rachel's fills that niche.

                                        1. re: Yongeman

                                          Thanks for mentioning a Bulldog had opened on Eg. Didn't know about it until you mentioned it now.

                                          Caffe Latte on Yonge is another indie coffee place in the area (indie-owned, but serving Illy coffee IIRC)

                                          1. re: prima

                                            went to rachel's the other day...everything that was ordered was excellent....on another note, accross town i tried darkhorse cafe after stopping in at bahn mi boys and it was absolutely the worst espresso i've ever had...

                                            1. re: nevrenuf

                                              Yay Rachel's - so glad you liked it.I tried their new quinoa and soy nut salad the other day(they're trying to up their gluten-free offerings) - quite tasty.

                                              1. re: peppermint pate

                                                What are the pastries like there? Are they made in house or are they brought in from someplace, and if so, where?

                                                1. re: kwass

                                                  A few are made in-house, many are brought from places all over not just Toronto - but Canada. I think they like to try out different suppliers, see which ones work.

                                                  Apparently they do their own cinnamon rolls, which seem to be very well liked. I know some people order ahead of time and they bake them up for the order.

                                                  They also carry Phipps' gingerbread cookies which are stupid good.

                                                  1. re: magic

                                                    So, it's worth a visit to try them?

                                                    1. re: kwass

                                                      To try Rachel's?

                                                      It's a neighborhood coffee spot. If you live in the area you can't go wrong! If you don't live nearby, maybe stick with a coffee spot in your area. A special trip? I haven't really had their own baked goodies so I can't say if those are worth a trip.

                                                      1. re: magic

                                                        Thanks Magic! Don't live in the area, but I'm in the area quite often. Sounds interesting, especially the homemade cinnamon buns. I'll check it out next time I'm there :)

                                                        1. re: kwass

                                                          I think the cinammon roles sell out (I think!), so be warned!

                                                          If in the area, absolutely check it out : )

                                                        2. re: magic

                                                          I would agree with magic's assessment - I have grown to love Rachel's as it is a super sweet neighbourhood coffee spot with warm owners, gracious service, good food and very good americanos. That said, I wouldn't cross town to get there - for the food or the coffee - but if you're nearby, definitely check them out. At least with their cookies,and maybe their muffins as well, they get them from a mix (organic, i think?) and then bake them in-house fresh daily. Not sure about the other items. They make their own sandwiches and salads. In case you want more info, here's the recent thread I started about them...


                                                          1. re: peppermint pate

                                                            Thanks peppermint pate. I just looked @ the thread. I'm definitely going to check it out the next time I'm in the area.

                                                            1. re: kwass

                                                              Great. And I, in turn, will check out the grilled chicken taco at Banh Mi Boys based on your rec...:)

                                                              1. re: peppermint pate

                                                                You'll be glad you did! I'm certain of it!

                                                                1. re: peppermint pate

                                                                  PP, try the squid taco there, too. Really excellent.

                                                                  FWIW, I actually like the tacos better than the bao or bahn mi, as there is less bread to fillings. And the term "taco" is misleading, as it's really more of a thin flat bread.

                                                                  1. re: TorontoJo

                                                                    I agree with TJ. I prefer the tacos to the bao. I didn't try the banh mi. The taco shell was actually kind of like a cross between a crepe and a thin flat bread.

                                          2. I can't imagine the tacos being even better than the bao but I will definitely try them based on both of your recs. I typically prefer a higher filling to carb ratio and am not generally a fan of big, bready meals BUT I love the contrast of the texture and sweetness of the bao against the various fillings + spicy sauce. Looks like I'll be making another trip next week...

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                                            1. re: peppermint pate

                                              Then you'll definitely like the taco because there is much more filling in relation to the taco shell. Maybe I'll see you there (lol). I'm going back next week as well. This time to try the veggie kimchi fries.

                                              1. re: kwass

                                                just ordered a variety of things from big man's pizza @ bayview and millwood and man did it all suck...from the overly sour tomato sauce that blanketed everything, to the dough, to the topping quality and they even screwed up my order...i got a pizza, a panzo and their "famous" lasagna...the pizza was dry and overcooked, the panzo would have been acceptable if not for the crap tomato sauce (also the greasiest sauce i've ever seen) and the lasagna just all around sucked....never again.

                                                please give me some good pizza delivery rec's....thx...

                                                1. re: nevrenuf

                                                  Ditto Big Man's. We tried it once and never again. We have yet to find a good pizza place (or really any remarkable food) in Leaside. We hace resorted to ordering pizza from Pizzaiolo (sp?) - which is at least better than Pizza Pizza :S

                                                  And the Highway 61 (now closed - no loss) looks like it is to become YET ANOTHER Asian fusion suski/maki whatever place. Yes, the 'hood really needs another of those. <<< Sarcasm font

                                                  1. re: nevrenuf

                                                    Bravo Pizza was recommended to me when I was searching for pizza in my new digs. Now I was never able to try it since I'm just a wee out of their delivery area so I can't speak to quality. However, there were at least 2 or 3 Hounds who chimed in to say it was good. Warning! Big, cheesy track of Dean Martin singing That's Amore playing LOUDLY when you open the link. Do not open at work.

                                              2. Has anyone tried Lil Baci Taverna on Yonge? Nice to see it's open 7 days a week. Noticed they also serve a weekend brunch. http://www.lilbacitaverna.com/Lilbaci...

                                                Might be worth trying out their pizza, nevrenuf http://www.lilbacitaverna.com/Lilbaci...

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                                                1. re: prima

                                                  It's on my list, but I haven't tried it yet. Like you, I'd love to hear from somebody that has.

                                                  1. re: kwass

                                                    i've been eating my way through this list and most of the rec's have been spot on...but i heard there was a charcoal grilled steakhouse somewhere north of eglington....anyone know the place??

                                                    1. re: nevrenuf

                                                      Hmm...the only place I can think of is Wildfire, which is between Lawrence and York Mills. Basically across the street from the Loblaw.

                                                      Good steaks, good piri piri chicken and not bad ribs (not smoked, though). Comfortable atmosphere, quite pricey for the steaks, though not in the price league of the high-end steakhouses.


                                                      1. re: TorontoJo

                                                        If u want to try out Wildfire, I would recommend checking groupon or some of the deal sites. They were doing a deal last week on the website.

                                                        1. re: caitlink

                                                          i've heard mixed reviews on this place...has anyone been lately?

                                                      2. re: nevrenuf

                                                        Are you thinking of Copacabana Brazilian Steakhouse on Eglinton east of Yonge?

                                                  2. Some cheap stuffs (around Yonge & Eglinton, a bit of walking)

                                                    -Hotdog at 7-eleven (2 for $3) - loaded with self-served condiment, chilli, and cheese.

                                                    -Messini - Their pork gyro pita (less than $4.50) is huge and tasty.

                                                    -Ho Su - Good deal for their $5 lunch special take-out, e.g. BBQ Chicken, Spicy Korean Chicken, etc.