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Jun 13, 2012 07:50 PM

Olathe Sweet Corn

Looking for Olathe CO sweet corn. Usually available at Randalls or HEB for a short time each year.

Anyone spotted it yet?

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  1. That is just so .... unlocal of you! ;-)

    Looks like the Olathe corn festival is Aug 2-3rd. Admission includes AYCE corn. Doesn't say if that includes butter and chile lime seasoning. ANyway - it appears that first week of August is Olathe Corn Season (which coincides with Hatch Chile Season)

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    1. re: sqwertz

      Don't plan to drive to Olathe to fill my belly with corn but thanks anyway. Will wait for it to arrive at the neighborhood grocer. :)

      1. re: sqwertz

        Its getting late - any Olathe Sweet Corn spotted yet?

        1. re: WSZsr

          Ask them if they're sending any to Austin or call the local produce distribs.

          1. re: sqwertz

            They supply Krogers only so nothing coming to Austin as in past years. Bummer.

      2. i don't think it's exactly what you're looking for, BUT Two Happy Children Farm has been selling some really great corn at their farmer's market stands for the last few months. The first variety was really sweet (yellow and white kernels) and the last two weeks, they've been selling some version they're calling "Samurai." I found it to be heartier and creamier than usual corn. I've had a few ears with a live green worm munching just under the silk, as well as a few that were underdeveloped, but overall very satisfied with the freshness and sweetness.

        $3 a basket, which can be 5-6 ears. Most chains are selling "local" corn for 3/$1

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        1. re: topodrinko

          I second this recommendation. The Two Happy Children sweet corn is definitely the summer find of the farmer's market for me. And they hit almost every market in town:

          1. re: brentwood

            brentwood - did you get a chance to enjoy their artichokes in the early spring? I thought it was such a neat offering and they were pretty tasty, too! Their melons are back now. The cantaloupe I had last week was really sweet. We'll see how the honeydew fairs.

            1. re: topodrinko

              No, I missed the artichokes. I do love melon season, though (and the way this summer is starting, we probably need to get local produce while we can).

              Sorry for going off-topic.

        2. Hello,

          I am with Tuxedo Corn, the growers and shippers of "Olathe Sweet". This post popped up in my google alerts. So I figured I would post some info for you.

          We generally being out harvest around July 20th. However this year, due to the warm weather we have had this year we are going to be 5-10 day earlier than normal.

          We generally post updates on Facebook. Follow us there for the most current information.

          Thank you.

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          1. re: tuxedocorn

            Would you ship a case of Olathe Sweet directly to my house in Round Rock?