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Jun 13, 2012 07:34 PM

Midfield Wine Bar

I can't find any discussions about Midfield Wine Bar. Who's been? Any comments?

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  1. I have. Really interesting selection of wines - not the usual suspects, that's for sure. Casual environment, lots of room. I didn't try the food (charcuterie and cheese), but saw a couple of platters pass by and thought they looked good. Reasonably priced - I think most bottles were around $40-50. I recommend it!

    1. I went a few weeks after it first opened and the owners were amazing, really comfortable at talking about the wines they had and what their ambitions were for the place. But very little food wise, cheese and charcuterie.
      I went back about a month ago, sat on he patio and was a bit disappointed that there was still no 'food'. The wine selection still did not have a robust red so I was a bit annoyed with that. Wine needs food, and it needs a good selection. A spectrum. I liked how Billy's best bottles categorized things, 3 whites and 3 reds. etc. A wine bar 'should' have some options no?
      It's really handy, and I would like to be there more often, so I will go again soon and see what I can report back, and if nothings changed I will talk to the owner and see what's going on with the place.