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Quick, casual STL review

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Annual ball-game trip last weekend - great time as usual.

Drove up from Memphis Friday afternoon and had dinner at Bogart's in Soulard. I haven't been to Pappy's (tried to go last year; they were sold out when we got there), but this was really, really good. Would definitely hold it's own in Memphis, and would be among the better places - you could tell a lot of care went into the meat. Pork shoulder was moist and flavorful - and had a lot of bark. Pastrami was good as well - maybe not 2nd Avenue Deli or Katz's, but smoky and delicious. In Memphis there's something of a stigma to beef bbq - it doesn't get ordered much, and restaurants don't give it much attention. But I definitely appreciate a good brisket when I can find it, and thought this pastrami was a really nice touch/something different for a bbq restaurant to offer. Beans were amazing ... maybe the best I've had. Felt lucky to get in - they said they were sold out not long after we got there.

I still don't understand this phenomenon of STL barbecue places selling out of food every night - but I won't complain after the quality I had. By the way, Bogart's is located in what appears to be a great neighborhood. International Tap House a few doors down looked very inviting - but maybe not with our 3-year old so we missed it this trip.

For lunch on Saturday, after spending the morning at the Magic House (which thrilled our boy), we went back to Adriana's on the Hill. I had the Mambo Siciliano sandwich. Not rocket science, but a sweet place that serves a great deli sandwich. A full sandwich is enormous, by the way - the half and half with soup or salad seems like the better way to go.

Dinner was at Busch - nothing really notable to report there, though I did try some Urban Chestnut from one of the concession stands and appreciate the effort to have some smaller local brews there right in the home of Anheuser-Busch. Also saw the only win of the Indians series - so a nice night in that respect.

Sunday lunch, more or less on the way out of town, was at Square One Brewery and Distillery. Somewhat random - we were driving around Soulard/Benton Park and ran into it when heading over by Lafayette Park. Food was average to above-average pub food (I thought the house-smoked salmon BLT was tasty; wife's burger was overcooked), but I really enjoyed the 4-beer sampler which costs about 6 bucks and equates to about 2 beers, I believe. The American Double Pale Ale and Belgian IPA stood out.

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  1. Thanks for your review, I agree with you on these places. The smoked prime rib at Bogarts is wonderful, and the Mambo is my fave sandwich at Adriana's, which is a great spot.

    1. Thanks for the report. Next trip in with your boy, gotta get to the Zoo. My favorite spot for sandwiches is Blues City Deli, in the Benton Park area. And hard to believe you missed Ted Drewe's -- once your son has it, he won't let you omit it again.

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        We did hit Drewe's - you're right, it's a can't miss. Simply forgot to mention it. Chocolate for him; parents split a cherry. Good stuff.