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Jun 13, 2012 07:03 PM

need confirmed source for viet "meat cage" for thịt nướng

hey, im dropping by los angeles but will have limited time/energy to spend hunting. one of my goals is to obtain a vietnamese "meat cage" for grilling thịt nướng.

does anybody know of a specific store in l.a. where i can obtain one? once i have a store, i will be going to that store specifically to pick one up. i cant go there and not be able to find it. i have a 2 year old boy who just isnt that understanding of boring shopping excursions, so most of my precious time in california will be spent hiking around parks trying to tire him out. i dont want to have to deal with too many tantrums (its already a given that we will deal with them), so thats why i need a confirmed source for the meat cage.

anywhere is good. we will be based in westwood but i will be making day trips to pasadena, a day in irvine and at least one day in korea town. so a 99 ranch market is fine, even if its in another direction, say in the valley. i do have one extra day to do whatever. i can drive to the valley if there is a confirmed meat cage. then take the toddler to a park there.

ive supplied a photo of what it should look like. its not my photo. its from this page:

thank you all so very much in advance. hope someone can help me. i only need one cage! hope i can get it on my trip! (btw this trip is in early july, so if you have a confirmation now, it will probably be there in july. no problem if they sell out etc. i wont be upset. stuff happens. hopefully i will have a backup store to go to...)

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  1. im also dying to try using this for bulgogi. if any of you have ever tried grilling bulgogi in your kettle youll know its a bitch. sometimes we do the thing my parents did: foil layer over grates, poke holes with chopsticks. i think this cage thing should work brilliantly for bulgogi!

    1. Are these different than the regular grill baskets I've seen? Here's two grill baskets from Barbeques Galore, which has a location in West LA:

      Or from Amazon:

      1. I know I've seen them in SGV Asian markets - pretty sure I saw one at Ranch 99 or 168 in the last week or so.

        1. I've bought a super cheap thing like that made of copper at the Koreatown Galleria supermarket last year. It's not exactly a cage, it's flat when empty.
          I Can't guaranty they always have it. It's downstairs at the mall on Western & Olympic. There's also a Korean bargain store across the street where you might find it. You can also try Chung Appliances on 7th street behind the former Bullock's Wilshire.

          Sorry I cannot assure you exactly where to find what you need, it's the best I can come up with.