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Jun 13, 2012 06:10 PM

Father's Day Dinner Portland - Crab Cakes/Smelt/Soft Shell Crabs?

85 year old father has requested a few of his favorite things....We can restaurant hop.
Any suggestions? Doesn't have to be Portland we can travel an hour North or South.

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  1. Well, at this time of year I don't think you'll find smelts on many menus, and soft shell crab isn't usually seen either. For crab cakes, I can say from experience there are excellent ones at Back Bay Grill. But they're not open on Sunday. Street and Company is open on Sunday, and I like the ones there also.

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      Soft shell crabs are done for the season. I've never had the crab cakes at Street and Co. I was unaware they even had them. I've had a crab bake there that is very good. I like the crab cake at Caoila's but they may be closed Sunday night too. I would suggest the Grill Room, Old Port Sea Grill, or maybe 555. I'm struggling with solid restaurants open on Sunday night...I think you may have a lot of Crab Cake options during brunch, if that's an option. If you go south, Pier 77 is a good choice too.