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Jun 13, 2012 05:10 PM

Summer in Tucson

Damissus and I like to patronize local, independent restos during the summer, to help the owners survive the summer, and lack of snowbirds.

Looking for suggestions for good food, reasonably priced. Doesn't need to be white table cloth, just good eats at lunch or dinner.

Suggestions, please.

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  1. Check out both Feast and Kingfisher. They both offer wonderful summer specials with great prices.

    1. Look at the Tucson Originals for deals

      also Fox Restaurant Concepts

      1. I agree that Feast is an excellent choice.

        Another good bet is Guiseppe's if you are in the mood for Italian. You can't beat the prices, and there is a very pleasant area for outdoor dining if the temperatures drop below inferno in the evening.

        My husband and I went to Le Rendezvous the other night, first time we'd been there in a couple of years, and it has improved greatly after a change of ownership. The food was excellent, though pricey, and we noticed that they offer some very enticing and reasonably priced lunch specials, so we'll be back to try that. We like to go to lunch at places that offer the kind of food you typically find at dinner, not sandwiches and salads. We've discovered that that's hard to find around here.

        1. I'll continue the recommendations for Feast. I'll also throw Pastiche, Poca Cosa, Chars Thai, and Pat's Chili Dogs into the hat. And, it being Summer in Tucson, let's not forget Eegee's.

          1. The best joints in Tucson in the summer are the ones whose A/C's are working fine.