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Jun 13, 2012 04:21 PM

family dinner in eastern PA

Hi, new to chowhound thought it could be a good resource for this. I'm looking for a nice restaurant to have a family dinner Northeast of Philadelphia around West Chester, Downingtown, and Pheonixville. We're expecting around 20 people and would like a private setting in a banquet/back room, but not too big so that it would be awkward. Price isn't a worry at the moment. Atmosphere should be relaxed but upscale. some places i've looked at are the Farmhouse Bistro ( ) the Brickside Grille ( ) Thanks for the input!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. You might also look at Dilworthtown Inn. Its on 202 Near West Chester. Historic Inn with banquet facilities.

      My other comment is book early. Large parties like that are competing with weddings and graduation this time of year.

      1. Just so you know, the area you're describing isn't northeast of Philly -- it would be considered the western suburbs. And I don't know that I'd consider the Brickside Grille as "upscale." It's very nice, but mostly salads, sandwiches, and fairly ordinary entrees.

        The towns you've mentioned are all in Chester County. If you're willing to go just a little further out, to Kennett Square and the Longwood Gardens area, two places I'd look into are Sovana Bistro and Foxfire at the Stone Barn They're quite different from each other, but both feature locally-sourced menus and have private dining rooms.

        1. Stephhhhh,
          Just so we have our geography right, the towns you mention are pretty much west/northwest of Philadelphia. As for haute cuisine upscale, that might be a stretch in these areas for the size of group you are serving. Check out the Dilworthtown Inn and the Marshalton Inn (West Chester) and the Seven Stars Inn (Phoenixville) as they have private facilities that may meet your requirements.

          1. Sorry I'm dyslexic and mixed up my northeast/west. Happens frequently. I do know the geography of my home town area hahahaha. Yes it's north west and west of philly. Thank you for the input.