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Jun 13, 2012 04:00 PM

Copenhagen..please comment on the dining itinerary

I will be traveling to Copenhagen in September, probably 9/9-9/13. Dinners will be for 2 but I will likely be eating lunch on my own while wandering around town. So far I have bookings as follows:

Sunday 9/9
Dinner at Sollerod Kro

Monday 9/10
Dinner at Kiin Kiin

Tuesday 9/11
Dinner at Restaurant AOC

Wednesday 9/12
Dinner at Geranium. I plan to book tomorrow when the online booking opens

Thursday 9/13
Was thinking dinner at Kodbyens Fiskebar

I am on waitlist for lunch at Noma on 9/11 and dinner 9/13
I also have on my radar Aaman's, Mielcke + Hurtigkarl, Relae, Radio and Geist
I was thinking of stopping by Sankt Peders Bageri on Wednesday 9/12 for their onsdag snegle
I also thought of going to Reinh.van Hauen Bageri, Coffee Colletive, Sweat Treat and Torrehallerne Market

I'm looking for your input, comments, suggestions. Lunch ideas for a likely solo diner. Other must try places or items. I'd also appreciate "things to do" recommendations.


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  1. I love AOC, Geranium and very much enjoy Sollerod Kro, especially for Sunday. I'm also a fan of Fiskebar. I might add Aamens instead of kiln kiln, because it's quite particular to Copenhagen.

    1. I also recommend Kodbyens Fiskebar, especially the smoked pollock fish and chips. They also carry a nice Danish wine Arwen, although you can probably find that elsewhere.

      For a casual lunch, go to the Torvehallerne market. There is a smoked fish store in building #1 with yummy smoked scallops among other treats. The same building has duck conift sandwiches. Lots of cheeses, breads, fruit juices, great coffee, and Summerbird chocolates too (the fleudebollen in particular).

      1. Based on my experience at Ricemarket, I would drop Kiin Kiin. I was happy with Aamanns, Geist, and Fiskebar. You will probably go to Tivoli and it is worth it, the line ups to get in seem to only be when they open. We enjoyed the netto boat tour, the hop on hop off bus took us to the Carlsberg brewery, and there were very interesting exhibits at the Design and City museums. Christinia is interesting but felt a little thuggish, but maybe you have special purchases to make there. Enjoy your trip and report back on the restaurants.

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        1. re: dubchild

          I would also recommend making resos for the places stated above. We didn't have one for Aamanns and we had to wait 15-20 mins.

        2. I ate lunch at Geranium and while it was very expensive, it was a great experience. Very memorable... I've never had a meal like that before.

          Kodbyens Fiskebaren was another amazing dining experience but completely different from Geranium. The seafood was SO fresh... make sure you try the "world famous" Danish oysters. Make a reservation though... they were quite busy when I was there.

          Does Aaman's even take reservations? I went at lunch (though it was late... around 2 pm or so). The place is quite small, with only a few tables. They do take out too. You could get smorrebrod to go and eat in the Botanical Gardens nearby.

          I stopped at Sweet Treat after dinner in Christiana. It was a very cute place and they had some amazing macaron. the girl told me they were handmade in Malmo. The black licorice macaron was one of the best I've ever had and I've eaten a LOT of macaron!

          I'd recommend trying a hot dog at Andersen's Bakery. They have an entrance inside and outside Tivoli. The bakery itself is great too.

          I really enjoyed a bakery called Langkanghuset.. There are several locations, including inside the train station, at the airport and along Stroget. Do try the kransekage (a dense cookie/cake made from marizpan) from here or from Summerbird. I ate this every day while in Denmark.

          For lunch, I'd recommend trying out Shonneman for smorrebrod. I tried to go there twice and it was closed so make a reservation.

          I was in Copenhagen for four days and put my name on the waiting list for Noma for every possible slot. I didn't get a call back.

          That's all I can think of off the top of my head!

          1. Those are all great choices; most of those were on my short list but we didn't get to sample all of them. Definitely think Aamanns is a must while you're in CPH; it's just so quintessentially Danish and delicious. Also a good spot to eat by yourself.

            We had an amazing dinner at Relae and I also recommend Manfred's across the street. Same owners, good prices and stupendous food. In its way, just as tasty as Noma, I think.

            Definitely stop by the Torrehallerne Market. We hadn't heard of it before we wandered by it and I'm so glad we stopped inside. Lots of free samples too!

            For pastries, we liked Lagkagehuset and it's super convenient that there's one in the airport to pick up more stuff on your way home. Their scones are very simple, but probably the best I have ever tasted.

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              Relae and Manfred's having just as tasty food as Noma.. Really?

              The only thing they have in common is the nordic cuisine thing. Other than that I can't help but consider Relae a somewhat bland restaurant with good looking food whereas I find Noma to be the best restaurant experience I've ever had (beating out *all* U.S. and Spanish restaurants I've visited. Their execution is flawless from the start to the end.

              Regarding Relae, I totally agree with dubchild's assessment in his post at It's as if their "world's 50 best" status and them being regarded as hip and cool in the restaurant business kind of "forced" Michelin to reluctantly pass them a one star rating.. (I can't say that their cuisine has changed at all compared to my pre-star visits last year). On the positive side, they do keep good prices for a Copenhagen restaurant. Their menu (minus drinks) still goes for around 360 Danish crowns I think. I still go there sometimes when I'm in town, largely because it doesn't damage the wallet all that much.