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Jun 13, 2012 03:50 PM

Stockholm restaurants

We will be visiting Stockholm in the summer and we would like some recommendations for restaurants.

From some research i did I found the following restaurants of interest:

Den Gyldene Freden
Wedholms Fisk
La Rouge
Mathias Dahlgren (Matbaren and Matsalen)
Lo Scudetto

Please let me know your opinions on the above and any other recommendations you may have.
Also please tell me if there is a period in the summer during which many restaurants are closed.

Thank you

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  1. Note that it's been a while since I was home in Stockholm.

    Gondolen is arguably one of the best restaurants in Stockholm, with a matchless view. Exceedingly expensive.

    Wedholms Fisk is another winner. Best buy is probably the tasting menu with wine pairings (ca. US $150). Seeing as you can hardly get a glass of wine for less than $15 these days, the price almost seems reasonable!

    Gyldene Freden is the quintessential historic restaurant -- I remember the food being fine, the atmosphere better than fine.

    Prinsen was always a favorite haunt. Get the meatballs, or something "home cooked" off the menu.

    In general, fish and seafood shine in Stockholm. Although I'm sure Italian restaurants offer great options, I'd stay with traditional Swedish fare made more contemporary (like at Riche) or fish/seafood.

    You have picked some of the priciest options in Stockholm -- I had sticker shock the last time. BUT I did eat well. Swedish food has come a long way .... I don't remember many major restaurants closing in the summer like in Paris.

    1. See my post on Matbaren, etc., dated June 25, but at these price points you're missing the two best restaurants in Stockholm.

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        "...the two best restaurants in Stockholm." - Which are???!!

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          My post may have been dated June 25, but I don't know how to cut and paste in this post. Perhaps look for my post under chicfille, it goes into huge detail on these restaurant.

      2. okay, I think I succeeded inI pasting int of our query.

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          found it - Franzten/Linderberg and Ulla Windblah

          Thanks, much appreciated

        2. I love Matbaren (although Matsalen is quite excellent as well).

          1. I wrote this list up last week. Maybe you'll find some additional points of interest on there: