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Jun 13, 2012 03:07 PM

Dining in Santa Fe

After a 3 year hiatus my wife & i are spending 5 days in SF. Today we had lunch at The Shed which wasn`t all that great the last time we ate there but seems to have gone downhill even further. The food was pretty average at best & we felt as if we were being "hustled" in & out by staff. Very unsatisfactory & we won`t be back!
Any recommendations for good food at mid to high end pricing. We are not on any kind of budget but want value too. Is the Inn of the Anazazi merely an attractive.environment? We were thinking of having drinks there to check it out.
My wife is a food enthusiast & I lean in that direction too so recommendations are appreciated.

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  1. If you're stuck on upscale Southwesterny stuff, Geronimo on Canyon Rd. or Terra at the Encantado. Geronimo is very safe, but pretty flawless. Terra is a little more progressive.

    IMO, none of the best upscale restaurants in town are Southwestern. My favorites are La Boca (tapas), Trattoria Nostrani (Italian), Shibumi (Japanese ramen and izakaya).

    The Shed is still good if they're not too busy, but they get very unreliable when they're slammed.

    1. One of our lunches in Santa Fe last week was at The Rooftop Pizzeria and Lounge, which is located at the Old Town Plaza. It was absolutely delicious and not too pricey. They have, by far, the best vegetarian pizza I have ever had in my life (and I am not a vegetarian by any means). Our table split the vegetarian pizza and the braised duck breast/mushroom pizza. Both were fantastic. It was a very enjoyable meal in a very airy, bright, comfortable, and cheery dining room.

      The Blue Corn Cafe is also a good spot for a casual, mid-priced meal. All the food we had was pretty tasty, and it’s typical New Mexican food that is done very, very well.

      1. The Inn of the Anasazi has one huge thing going for it: a decent bar menu available until 11pm, which is practically unheard of in Santa Fe. For me, it also has the added appeal of being empty much of the time, which is great for a local who wants to fly under the radar- and probably not so great if you're a tourist seeking a livelier environment. James is often behind the bar and he makes an excellent Silver Coin. And the nachos are really good.
        For fine dining, try Geronimo for the elk tenderloin, The Compound for lunch (killer burger) or Terra at Encantado for the views (food is usually hit or miss, though I have to admit it's been a while). But the one absolute must is Pasqual's. Go for dinner if you can fit it in, but also go around 11am, when you can order from both the lunch and the breakfast menus. Great red chile and the BLT is just nuts. It's more formal in the evenings and you'll need a reservation well in advance, but go, just go.

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          I do appreciate the responses fom my query.
          We had lunch at Inn of the Anazazi on a very hot SF day....service was good, very friendly staff but our lunches were mediocre. I had the fajita`s which were terrible. The beef was completely tasteless, it looked like beef but has ZERO flavor!! My wife`s tortilla soup was OK, average at best! Margarita`s OK. The next day we stopped at the bar at the Eldorado simply because it was hot, we were hungry & the Eldorado was across the street. The bar was empty so it didn`t look too promising. Surprise!! The bartender was a real professional...made a stunningly great margarita & the food was much better than the other two places I`ve mentioned here.. The food would not win any gourmet food awards but it was so much better than The Shed or The Anazazi.