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Jun 13, 2012 02:40 PM

Beer Revolution

Finally got around to hitting up Beer Revolution with a friend that was in town for work. Heard lots of great things about their I was glad to finally go there.

The beer menu/airport departure screens is a cool idea. Makes the server's job a lot easier, as well as mine, because I don't need to listen to them ramble off a list of draught beer when I can just peruse it for myself. Had a couple pints of Blue Moon, one of my fave American brews. While I'm on the topic of their beers, at first I thought their pricing was decent...until I looked a little closer and realized that they serve American (16oz.) pints. After that, their pricing wasn't all that attractive.

I had the Chicken Caesar pizza, upon both the recommendation of the server, as well as seeing one of them on a nearby table. The problem I have with moth "caesar" style pizzas is that they go overboard on the caesar dressing, which takes away from the overall flavour...but not this one. Beer Revolution basically takes a chicken caesar salad, and puts it on a pizza. It tasted really fresh, but still had that nice garlic kick that I want in a caesar salad. A good balance of flavours. My friend had the Fromage pizza, as she's a vegeterian. Although I didn't try it myself, it looked quite appetizing for a cheese pizza, and she thoroughly enjoyed it.

Service-wise, I had no complaints. The manager who greeted us and took us to our table was very professional and polite, and our server was very friendly, and stopped by the table at an acceptable level of frequency.

My only complaint (albeit a minor one) was that it was VERY noisy in there...and that was mostly from the people, not because of music. But, I guess that's what you can expect from a place with a bare brick wall interior and nothing to dampen the sound.

I look forward to going back there sometime and trying more of their offerings.

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  1. I haven't been to BR but I did visit National Beer Hall last week. I loved the airport/race track style screens too... I wonder if they copied it from BR.

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      1. re: Leibowitz

        that's to say they stole the table concept from Wurst, the Draft pipes from Craft, the Oyster Bar of Catch.. where as Beer Revolution stole pizza's from Una..

        it's all redundant. Both places have their perks.

    1. Went a couple of months ago. It's a Brewsters pub, new concept for them. Well executed. Really excellent pizzas, went to an event and they were all terriffic. Busy, but for good reason. Mrs. Scary has made it a business destination even though it is a hike.

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      1. re: Scary Bill

        Ahh, I was wondering whether or not Brewsters was behind it.

        cellophane: National did pretty much copy Beer Revolution, but they did kinda put their own twist on it. The beer list at National looks more like a older train station departure screen, whereas the ones at BR look exactly like what you see in today's airports.