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Poutine - Magog/Sherbrooke

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I'm driving from Montreal to Magog/Sherbrooke this weekend, and wanted to stop along the way or once I get there for some really great poutine. Any suggestions?


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  1. in sherbrooke go to Louis Luncheonette on King st.

    1. Truth? Le Snack Bar on Wellington downtown. The guy who runs it is passionate about making delicious from-scratch versions of classic poutines and other Quebec dishes. Nothing wrong with Louis Luncheonette at all--it IS an institution, after all--but Le Snack Bar is a real nice contemporary contender.

      Le Snack Bar is in Sherbrooke, just to be clear.

      1. If you're into a minor detour Wood's in Ayer's Cliff is some of the best straight up classic poutine you'll find. Lots of cheese curds.Has a huge advantage of being close to Coaticook home of Quebec 's best cheese curds.